Islands Catalina 4/2/21


Mar 7, 2006
San pedro
Parker 1801 cc
Got a late start due to people forgetting obvious things like wetsuits. Launched around 630 out of cabrillo beach. Was told that thursday was beautiful but things change it was pretty sloppy and choppy. Stopped a few miles out of the harbor and donned full rain gear. Poked around a bit and found a school of bonito and picked at some smaller bass.
Some bass were up on top and chasing bait which is a good sign. Dove near two harbors at 2 spots ive seen c bass previously for nada other than 2 henalthy bsbs. Water was 59 and visibility varied greatly from 12-15 up to 30+
Kept the wetsuits on for the ride home was able to keep the speed up but was a very wet ride due to the heavy wind chop. Did 84 miles and burned just 20 gallons a fun day despite the imperfect conditions.
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