Catalina 10/17 Yellowtail



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  • Jun 17, 2006
    Huntington beach
    David Jennings
    Arima sea angler 19 "NEW DAY RISING"
    I got an unexpected invite from my Neighbor to jump on his bosses 34 ft Luhrs for a Catalina Trip today which I quickly accepted. Left the HH slip on the "Playing Hookey" circa 6:30 a.m. to some lingering fog and calm sea. PIcked up a scoop from Nacho's (better bait than the past 4 weeks) and proceeded over to the front side. Fished north of the condo's. Fishing was good, a little slower than the past few week. 2-4 lb bonito and 13 inch calicos. Around 10:15, current is good and I get picked up on 25lb P line w/ a size 1 bait hook on a butt hooked Dine. Fish takes off on the surface, but within 20 seconds sounds for the bottom and starts pulling good drag on my Lexa 300 (My bass stick), It's the right kind and I'm on a good grade Mossy. 15 minutes or so, he doesn't hit the anchor line and the Sea Lion that's been admiring us from afar isn't anywhere to be seen. I make some ground and get the fish to color. Get him on the surface and he's a good one. Gaff in, fish on the deck. High fives around the deck. Things slowed and we made the turn around the east end and tried the V's and Silver Canyon for a few more fish. Called it a day at 3p.m. and made the 2 hours trip back to the harbor. Great day w/ some really cool guys. Ended up with 40 fish and this 24 lb yellowtail 41 inches. It's nice changing it up from being a captain and just being a passenger. I'd fish the middle front side tomorrow if I were going back out.

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    Feb 16, 2011
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    That’s a sweet vessel...Flybrige helm with forward seating. Badass!
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