Islands CAT report 9-5 & 6


Jun 22, 2020
16' starcraft
Fished Catalina both Sunday and Monday. Rough crossing both ways both days . Swell from both directions, wind, white caps even at 6am, was super fun in a skiff. Hit various spots on the east and front side. Did best at whites cove/Hen rock area when the dogs weren't on us. Caught plenty of Calicos, Cuda, bonito and a few sea gulls. No yellows though. I have really struggled to land any yellows at the island this year. Been using light line, small hooks, chumming cut bait and a few swimmers. Just cant seem to connect with a Yellow. Maybe need to find a weekday to get over there when boat traffic is less. Bait was so so and by the end of the day we had quite a few die off. Ended up putting a small sliding sinker on the line and even the dead baits were getting hit as long as you could get them under the surface and keep the birds off them. We looked both days for any signal of tuna to and from but nada. Good luck out there.


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Apr 3, 2007
Lane Vicky
Hasbro's Timon and Pumba pool floatie
The holy grail of the "weekday" at Catalina is a tit for tat so to speak. The weekends are full of inconsiderate morons with a dollars worth of boat and a nickels worth of brains, they'll troll right through your anchor rode, drop anchor in the sport boats chumline, take selfies with MLPA Sheepshead, and probably most importantly FEED and OCCUPY the sea dogs. In fact, it's not that difficult to lead a few fur burgers right to a weekend boater at Cat and then throttle away.
The Weekday guy will agree that yes, less boat traffic and fewer captains that weren't blessed with the burden of brains is a less stressful outing but man oh man are those cocks***ing fury bastards thick! Too bad there's no Forum on "practices" for deterrents or "remedies" for such encounters for these morbidly overpopulated nuisances. I feel that that would make for a good read.
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