Cat Attack 9/26


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Sep 25, 2013
Long Beach, California, USA
Mark Nakagawa
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Launched the Buzzcatcher from Davies around 5am.
Captain Wes-The island or local?
Me-I don’t know? The three guys at the dock said Eagle Rock. Catalina is gonna be a zoo...
Got decent bait from Mario, anchovy sized Sardines, but good quality.
Wes-Fuck it, let’s hit the backside.
Easy crossing. Somewhere North of the Avalon Bank, Wes spotted a Swordie sleeper, but we didn’t see it in time and the boat scared it away.
Drove past the armada and started metering heavy in 90’ of water.
We decided to fish on the drift. Current was running uphill due to the offshore winds, but was pushing us towards the island.
Non stop Boneheads, then Wes hooks a small Yellowtail.
Having just acquired a custom Morita gaff(it’s a work of art) I decided to stick the little bugger😆
Set up on the same drift, and Wes gets another small Yellow.
Drift 3 and my rod on the bottom gets hammered. Little Yellow number 3.
Went searching towards Salta Verde, but didn’t meter much, so we cruised back to the original spot. I got nit on the bottom, felt the head shakes, and knew I was on a big Halibut...pulled the hook. Humph.
The crossing back to Alamitos was as good as it gets.
Good times on the Buzzcather!




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Shit...where's the beer
  • May 27, 2015
    Donnie D
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    thats not a halibut

    So when are you going to add to discussions newbie? 4 total messages and all trolling. Appears you havent caught a fish in YEARS so who gives a shit what you have to say!!

    Looks like awesome day on the water either way @Stakanak . Headed to CAT tomorrow for LOBBY OPENER!!!
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    Oct 10, 2010
    Los Angeles
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    Lots of rat yellows on the backside last week. We tossed back at least 10-20 of them. We couldn't get them off the hook in the morning. Every drop was a baby yellowtail. If the yellowtail could be bounced, we tossed back into the water. No wonder the counts on the cattle boats were high for the yellowtails. Too many baby killers.

    We caught three nice grade yellowtails at 27, 22 and 20 lbs. These are actual weights and the fish look much bigger than that. The 27 lb fish measured 40 inches in the forked length.
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