Islands Cat 9/3


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Mar 7, 2006
San pedro
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Parker 1801 cc
Launched from pedro and had decent small/ medium sardines by 430 am.
Was fishing by 6am and started by empire landing. For a slow bass bonito pick. Moved south and found a really fishy spot with bait current and a few jumping barracuda. Proceeded to get my 2 inexperienced friends on a 3 hour wide open bonito and bass frenzy. We had a few solid 3-4 lb bass some flurries of bonito that were 5+ lbs some smaller with a couple barracuda mixed in. Also caught a fat 4-5 lb sand bass which was a first at catalina for me.
Had one friend hook a probable yellow but coudnt turn it and popped off but ended up coming home without any fish. Poked around some more by the quarry and i caught some bass then decided to head home instead of dive as we were beat and the wind was coming up.
On the way home i saw a large paddy fairly close to cat and even though i didnt expect anything on it i stopped because it was too juicy looking. Saw a few dorado flash as i almost ran it over so i did my fastest wetsuit change to date and jumped in but they wouldn't come close although a baby mako kept checking out my flasher.
The ride home was very wet and not very pleasant in a skiff but still kept at up least 20 knots.
My thumb and hands are wrecked from all the bass and bonito unhooking and i was able to show 2 friends a great time despite the lack of yellows seems like i have about a 33% success rate on bringing home yellows. All in all a fun day.


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  • Sep 10, 2006
    redondo beach
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    25' aqua sport
    Sounds like your two inexperienced friends are now hooked on fishing! Good trip all around. I hope your thumb wasn't all chewed up by un hooking the Bonito by using your thumb way, :eek:.
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