Islands Cat 5-9



Mar 7, 2006
San pedro
Parker 1801 cc
Launched around 430 am at cabrillo to an almost empty parking lot only 2 trailers. Picked up a some bait and was at the west end in under an hour with only light chop. Not a ton of current but was able to find a fishy area with alot of puddling bass and bonito.
Caught 20 plus bass with about half being legal. Was about to leave as it slowed down when my inexperienced buddy tells me he hooked a seal. I tell him thats not a seal its a fish. After a good fight we see a 15lb yellow at color it sees the boat and makes another run and a seal pops up with the fish in its mouth. Pretty pissed that my first yellow of the year became a seal snack. That was our only chance but we fished a few more spots caught a few more bass and headed in around 2 as the wind picked up. Water is almost 65 degrees and the bass are very willing to eat plastics and made the day. Was a little sloppy on the way in but nothing memorable. Did 85 miles and burned 21 gallons was really nice to have the island almost to ourselves.

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