Canvas Dude


That's a keeper!
Jul 16, 2012
Port orchard
Parker 2310 "GUANO LOCO"
There is a new canvas dude working around SK/GH. He has done a couple of rear curtains for me now. I like his work and his work ethic.


When I had a new top built for my arima 2 years ago I took Charlie's feedback and used Greg's custom upholstery in GH. He did an absolutely amazing job! He is terribly busy tho and the trick is finding a way to fit into his schedule.

When I needed a rear curtain to match the top /sides before Hali this last spring a buddy recommended Dan. He jumped right in and nailed it!

The nice thing about Dan is that he is calling you saying when he will be there instead of the other way around. He's Johnny on the spot.

He is currently working for a well-known local boat builder through the regular work week. He lives a few doors up the road from Walker. If you need anything done you should consider calling Dan!