Californian Tri Helix rods

sean simmons

Jan 1, 2020
chula vista
Sean Simmons
I was recently in Turners in Kearny Mesa and I noticed they had a bunch of Californian Tri Helix rods. Are they still composite or more graphite? They were out of stock for a long time but today they were well stocked. I did notice they look more graphite up the blank than before. I own the 9ft 25-60 and just pass the base of the rod it has that smooth glass finish. The ones I saw had more of the flat finish similar to composite rods or is the tri helix wrap through out the entire blank? They also have a tuna cord grip. Is it the exact same rod just with a different finish? It's the same price as well. Just wondering if anyone else caught that. The Tri Helix 25-60 is a great rod BTW.
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