Cabo trip Dec 2018


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Mar 9, 2008
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I flew into Cabo on Christmas , and headed to the boat in Puerto Los Cabos . Got a few things ready and relaxed at the marina . Chris came in the next day and we moved the boat down to Cabo marina . Was a little bumpy , but not too bad , until we got closer to Cabo . The wind was blowing really hard outside the entrance to Cabo marina . It was like riding a motorcycle with no helmet at 70-80 mph . I have never seen anything like that before . Got the same slip as last month , and went and got something to eat . The original plan was to spend a couple nights out on the Finger Bank , but the weather wasn't cooperating .


Wind died down some , so we headed to Golden Gate bank . The marina was the usual chaotic mess , saw lots of charters that probably had no idea what they were headed out in to lol . Seas were pretty sloppy , so we got bumped around a bit . Fishing was slow , saw some Humpbacks , which is always cool . Went 1/5 on striped marlin . Headed back a little earlier than usual , and the wind was letting up a little .


Well , the winds died down some more , so we headed out to Finger Bank . Got our baits out , and got a triple first thing , only 2 anglers so put it in the rod holder for the time being . Chris got his in first so he took the rod on the 3rd . Was pretty much non-stop action , lots of doubles . Not as crazy as last trip , but there were only two of us this time . The bite seemed to slow down around 1pm , I was a few shy of a personal best so we kept at it . Took a little while but we got another double , decided to head in after that and get the boat ready for the trip to Guatemala . We ended up releasing 29 striped marlin out of maybe 50 or so bites .

Was another awesome trip , and a great way to end 2018 and our last trip in Cabo . Really looking forward to fishing Guatemala , will be a first for all of us .
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May 23, 2006
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Super cool that you guys are getting in on that bite. Sounds like this season is one for the books.

I’m sure Guatemala isn’t gonna suck either. Can’t wait for your reports!!
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