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May 7, 2012
cabo san lucas
jerry chapman
Bob Marlin
Jc Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report.
As the Admiral Seas It
Fishing Report: 8/5/17 to 8/12/17
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Port Closes for 1 Day, Swells and Winds!

Marlin Bite Slows!

Our Bob Marlin 15 Football Size on Monday!

Tuesday More Tuna on All Boats!

Wednesday Bite Me: 6 Tuna and 1 Dorado!

Tuna and Dorado in Abundance All Week!

Water Temperature About 82 Degrees

Swordfish Around!

Roosters Past the Light House!

Fish Report Boy Seen in Cabo Dive Bar!!

JC, Court Ordered: 30 Days in Marlin Boot Camp!!

Chris says: If JC Goes, I Go!!

HymieB says: JC, Marlin Boot Camp, Again?

Darrel says: JC and Chris can Rott in Marlin Boot Camp!

JC,s Grilled Wahoo!

Baja Recipes Inside!

Facts About Wahoo?

HEADLINES: August 13, 2017

Fish Report Boy: Screamed ,“yea im back, I quit last week but it didn’t work out with the circus, besides, JC the worm called, and said he needed my help. I guess he was court ordered to Marlin Boot Camp, by a judge in Mexico. It was either Marlin Boot Camp or Jail. I don’t even know what the lil Twirp did, but he took that clown Chris with him to camp. Maybe those 2 fools will lean something? I doubt it, but maybe!! Fish Report Boy says: JC, “Im in charge now not you, and I hope Chris is in there a long, long time. Things are going to change JC, no more glitz and glamour which you love, no more ebooks, no more songs, no more Dome of Silence, no more Donald Trump lies, no more fishing stories, and that ritual of you standing in the mirror every morning chanting that stupid Marlin song you wrote and then looking at yourself for a half an hour, is going to end, just STOP, STOP, STOP!!!

I was sent to a Carp Boot Camp once for 45 days and I came out a better man. While you are in Marlin Boot Camp JC: “Your LEGENDS and LIES are going to end”.

Fish Report Boy says: I love to see that Mango Farmer Chris in Boot Camp”I am sending a couple boys over to the ranch in the EAST Cape to pick them Mango trees Clean. LOL, LOL, LOL

Jc Sportfishing Charters is a family owned and operated business and has been fishing in Cabo San Lucas for the past 18 years. Jerry, explains that his charter business is geared more for families and novice anglers, making sure everyone who charters a boat with him have a great time and lots of fun. We welcome families, and groups. We want everyone who fishes with us to take all the sites in and have memorable experience. This is what is most important to us. We have and do a few tournaments each year and can cater to fisherman who might be interested in tournament fishing. Well lets get on with the fishing report for this past week.

WEATHER: High winds and swells close port for 1 day but it has moved on through and everything back to normal. I don’t know to say t any better than this its just plain hot. Highs ladder 90,s with lows in the lower 80,s and the humidity is intense. I guess it is to be expected this time of year in Cabo but this is the hottest summer I have felt since I have been in Cabo. Most days are pretty clear with partial clouds and if you look toward the sierras you will see it is cloudy and looks like it has been raining. Well we have a little more than 2 more months of the really hot weather so were about half way through till October and we might get some relieve after the 15th .

WATER: Closer to shore is a bit cooler than offshore and according to Tembreak. Still the water is around 82 on pacific side and higher on the Sea of Cortez side. Go to to check out map.

TUNA: The Tuna fishing has slowed a bit but there is still good numbers of football size Tuna being caught inshore and up to 21 miles offshore. It seems as if the commercial Tuna boats have scattered the schools all over the place so most of the schools of fish aren’t to big. When you do find the schools it looks as if they have taken a pounding pretty hard from the commercial boys. I don’t know when Mexico is going to wake up and start protecting the sport fishing and all the tourist dollars that come into the area because of fishing. It seems no one is thinking of the long term affects this will have on the tourist and sport fishing industry. Not only that the sport fishing and tourist industry employee many, many families here in Los Cabos

BILLFISH: This week remains just ok with the marlin bite down compared to last week. The fish are still around the horseshoe area and stretching up to San Jamie Banks with most fish being caught on lures, live bait and ballyhoo.

Most of the Marlin has been caught from the Light House to San Jamie 1 to 8 miles offshore. We reported last week lots of Blues in the 200lb to 300lbs range are being caught pretty consistently. The one thing I am seeing which is pretty sad is that a lot of the people are killing the small Blues and Sailfish and not releasing them. Do not allow the crews of your charter boat to talk you into killing these fish because what they do is sell the meat for very little and it is a huge conservational waste. They should be let go to see another day and another fisherman. Explain to the captain and crew before you leave the dock that you are not interested in killing any Marlin or Sailfish. This policy is going to be good for all of us for we can pass sport fishing on down to future generations who can enjoy and see what we have seen.

DORADO: The Dorado fishing is still been pretty good with most fish being caught more inshore about 1 to 3 miles offshore has been common but most fish are pretty small and they are being landed by using lures, and live bait.

INSHORE: The inshore action has been fair to good with some nice Roosters being landed in the 20lb to 30lbs range. Anglers report the best way to entice them is slow troll live bait. The Pangas have been doing not to bad on small Dorado and even some Sailfish landed close to shore.

WAHOO: Another week with some Wahoo report coming in and this is good as they are great to eat on the grill!! The Wahoo fishing is picking up and there has been some good reports of Wahoo being caught up to 60lbs. The Wahoo have been showing up pretty much in all areas and are hitting marlin lures, live bait and jet heads.

From The Admirals Kitchen
Grilled Wahoo Fish Recipe
1 lb of Wahoo Fish Cut into chunks or steaks
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon lime juice
1 tablespoon lemon juice from 1 fresh lemon sliced
1 tablespoon smoked paprika

1 teaspoon minced garlic
1/2 teaspoons finely ground fresh pepper
Cooking :
Whisk together olive oil, lime and lemon juice, paprika, and red pepper in a small bowl. Place wahoo in a dish. Pour the marinade mix over the fish, place in refrigerator, and let stand for half an hour add sliced lemons on top. Remove wahoo from fridge, place fish on skewers or steaks directly on the grill and grill for 15 minutes on medium turning once at about 8 minutes. Use the leftover marinade mix to baste the fish while it is grilling. Serving suggestions on plain white rice.

Facts About Wahoo?

Wahoo is a scombrid fish found worldwide in tropical and subtropical seas. It is best known to sports fishermen, as its speed and high-quality flesh make it a prize game fish. In Hawaii, the wahoo is known as ono. Many Hispanic areas of the Caribbean and Central America refer to this fish as peto. The flesh of the wahoo is white to grey, delicate to dense, and highly regarded by many gourmets. The taste is similar to mackerel, though arguably less pronounced. This has created some demand for the wahoo as a premium-priced commercial food fish. In many areas of its range, such as Baja, Hawaii, Bermuda and many parts of the Caribbean, local demand for wahoo is met by artisanal commercial fishermen, who take them primarily by trolling, as well as by recreational sports fishermen who sell their catch.

Its body is elongated and covered with small, scarcely visible scales; the back is an iridescent blue, while the sides are silvery, with a pattern of irregular vertical blue bars and have razor sharp teeth. These colors fade rapidly at death. The mouth is large, and both the upper and lower jaws have a somewhat sharper appearance than those of king or Spanish mackerel.

Specimens have been recorded at up to 2.5 m (8 ft 2 in) in length, and weighing up to 83 kg (183 lb).[4] Growth can be rapid. One specimen tagged at 5 kg (11 lb) grew to 15 kg (33 lb) in one year. Wahoo can swim up to 60 mph (97 km/h).[5] They are some of the fastest fish in the sea.

The wahoo may be distinguished from the related Atlantic king mackerel and from the Indo-Pacific narrow-barred Spanish mackerel by a fold of skin which covers the mandible when its mouth is closed. In contrast, the mandible of the king mackerel is always visible as is also the case for the smaller Spanish mackerel and Cero mackerel. The teeth of the wahoo are similar to those of king mackerel, but shorter and more closely set together.

The barracuda is sometimes confused with mackerel and wahoo, but is easy to distinguish from the latter two species. Barracuda have prominent scales, larger, dagger-like teeth, and lack the caudal keels and blade-like tail characteristic of the scombrid (mackerel)

Wahoo tend to be solitary or occur in loose-knit groups of two or three fish, but where conditions are suitable can be found in schools as large as 100 or more. Their diet is made up of other fish and In most parts of its range, the wahoo is a highly prized sport fishing catch. It reaches a good size, is often available not too far from land, and is a very good fighter on light to medium tackle. It is known in sports fishing circles for the speed and strength of its first run. The aggressive habits and razor-sharp teeth of the wahoo can be of considerable annoyance when targeting larger gamefish, however, such as tuna or marlin.squid.

BEWARE: Please beware of the guys in the street selling boat charters. If you wait till the day you are fishing and go to the dock where your boat is many times people will mislead you to another boat or dock trying to put you on a boat that was not meant for you. You need to have a person guide you to your boat, who is from a reputable charter company. This way there is no confusion or misleading. Please remember when renting Sport fishing boats in Cabo that you rent your boat from reputable and established business. Walk into a fishing fleet office and ask questions about what you are getting and what are the costs? You dont want to rent boats from vendors in the streets and you do not want to book through shady websites offering you the world. Check through travel forums about reputable fishing fleets to deal with. Look for testimonials about the fleet your booking your charter with. Ask about what will the boat be supplying? Will it include beverages or lunches? How much does it cost to fillet your catch? Check to see if charter boat is insured? Ask about getting your catch smoked? Check cost of fishing license. These are just a few things to consider when booking your charter boat. We will be talking more about this in next weeks fishing report. Until next time good fishing and we hope to see you in Cabo soon. Come by the office here in Cabo and get all the latest up to date fishing report.
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