Offshore Boxed 178, 182, 181 then the 9


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  • Apr 14, 2006
    Put 90 miles searching for the elusive "foamers" out of Shelter Island. Straight into pretty good size swells to the 178 passed two smaller pods of dolphin. Windy most of the day, but the swells did lay down throughout most of the day. Trolled the area for nada in 74 degree water. Headed to the 182, saw some birds, that's about it. Still very warm water, and no paddy's. Crisscrossed the area looking for birds, foamers, etc. Nada! Heard some radio chatter about the 181, Headed that way. As the water Temps dropped to 72 the area came alive with foamers and working birds. Plenty of small groups of fish all spread out, some pretty big splashes, never saw any jumpers. Threw everything and the kitchen sink, including bait, nada. Saw only three paddy's all day. Nice paddy's at 32 45 x 117 39 and 32 47 x 117 37, not holding, no birds. Ran into the foamers at 32 50 x 117 41. Seems the fish were more west and north than I anticipated. The magic temperature seemed to be 72 degrees, that's when the life appeared. Never saw beautiful blue water. Stopped at the north 9 and found the biggest range of water temps; 74.3 on the south and inside, 71.8 on the top and outside. Still saw no fish. Gave up and headed in. Suddenly saw birds everywhere! Threw the colt sniper in and bingo! Well, at least it's a fish. I always take a picture of my first fish, and there it is, in all it's glory. An 8 inch mackerel, they must have been thick in the 74.8 degree water. 100 miles to San Diego, 90 miles in the ocean, and 100 miles back. All for an 8 inch mackerel. But I'll be back! Hope that helps. Tight lines!



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