Bottom Fishing off Westport


Jul 20, 2010
Oly, WA
27 Raydanie Pilothouse
Hello All, New to the site, not to the online forum thing!!

I have fished the rivers and all of the big C, including the estuary in my 21 ft sled, thing is, on the crappy days I really wish I had a Cuddy for the daughter, she is out in all kinds of weather with me and loves to fish, just when she tuckers out, she really wants a place to crash.

soooooo, I picked up a 21' 2000 Trophy WA OB( I know I never thought I would own one), but it serves the purpose till I can build my OS Aluminum Pilothouse and i got a good enough deal, I wont lose any money(I hope).

it is already set up and i just have to make a few personal changes and add some appropriate safety gear I like onboard.

Now to the question, I have fished out of my 21 Tiderunner in years past(when i owned it) at Westport and Illwaco (GH and CR Bouy) for salmon for years on my boat, but never bottom fish, I know the charters run out and north since i have been on more than one charter in the past years. but never took a GPS handheld with me.

what I am wondering if someone would be so kind as to pass along a couple good Coord. for starting places, I will dial it in from there

not asking for secret spots, PM's are welcome, just want some numbers in the GPS as some productive area's that others have fished for lings and or Sea bass as to provide some good action for the daughter.

Westport is close to home for me so, it is usually a easy run out if the ocean cooperates.

Thanks in advance, and glad to be here