BOLA 8-25-8-26


Jul 17, 2015
San Diego
Killer Joe
Bahía the magical place, as usual we had an awesome time fishing with Joel Jr and spending some time with his dad and family. I can seriously say the captains at Bahía are the most friendly people I've ever met. The town's people always welcome you and tell you good morning, good afternoon even if they do not know you. Fishing was amazing as usual, we got our limits on medium to big size yellow tails and a small Dorado on the first day , we also got to see a small fin whale, on the second day we went to look for red snapper and we definitely found them along with some more yellow tails and hundreds of dolphins and birds feeding , we also went looking for clams for dinner on both days and got to spend some time on clear , warm water at San Juan Beach.
I can't wait for my next trip to " my happy place "

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