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Nov 6, 2012
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So...........did he allow you to keep "your" knife, or did he confiscate it?

We had a police stop in Tecate one time. It was $20.00 and he told us to put it in his Vehicle Code Book
I've had the same exact experience, about 4yrs ago... For the trailer tire rubbing the curb. "That's a accident" I was told. "Please keep the money low or better. Put it in this book." Wanted 200, it was end of the trip with an empty wallet.. "all I got is a 20" then the. "Here put it in this book and keep it low" I put the 20 in the book and held it out the window. He grabbed it so fast and said. "I said low". "Sorry man end of the trip I gotta go" and I just drove off with him standing and staring at me... That guy was older with a white mustache and spoken English better then me as well.
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  • Jun 25, 2014
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    Woody, maybe we could have some stickers made for the trucks. If we all rock the same sticker, and stand our ground. Then maybe they would catch on. If 20 30 trucks all had the same sticker and attitudes. Maybe theyd stop fucking with the bd crews Idk. Somewhat Worked a long time ago when my parents were around. I remember mom having the sticker along with her friends and her talking shit back to cops with it
    You guys get me the artwork and I’ll have the stickers made at the shop.
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    Apr 27, 2011
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    It's always nerve wracking to have these F's pull us over with their BS violations. I had a convo with a Mex national about this stuff and was surprised to hear they get pulled over pretty often for the same BS as many of us. I'm sure the F's don't make as much but still FU. Been pretty fortunate to have not (yet?) paid them anything but none the less isn't a pleasant experience. Will I stop going South? Not a chance! Might I one day end up following them to the police station and still have to pay? Could be. I'd like to think there is such a thing as Mexican karma for these F's that prey on the innocent, U.S. or Mex nationals.
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