Boats went down in westport today?


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Sep 4, 2017
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So just sit there and let it sink and then spend the rest of your life floating in the same icy water till hypothermia kills you?

If it sinks your going in the water regardless right? I mean unless you got a buddy boat right there.

I dont know what you guys are talking about. Yes the saltwater here is cold but I see people swimming in it and i have too. It's pretty dsmn cold and I couldn't swim for hours but you aren't instantly paralyzed.

Adrenaline can make people do things they otherwise couldn't do. Captain Decent makes a good point. The counter to that is you might freeze up, or get cold shock and inhale a bunch of water, so best to at least be tied to a rope and a crew member manning the rope.

Since me, my wife, and our kid all surf, I carry our wetsuits as part of our safety gear when we fish out of Westport. I realize not everyone is going to purchase a 5/4 wetsuit, but it will certainly expand your survival window.
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Mar 4, 2009
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Yep a wetsuit would extend your time in the water. Better than nothing.

But....When demonstrating drills to the CG or demonstrating to a "Class" inspector even though it isn't a requirement they want you to try to hit the 60 second mark climbing into a survival suit.
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Jun 2, 2009
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Guess it boils down to if you need to risk your ass to save your boat which equates to saving your crew then go for it ..I would rather go to the bottom than any one of my crew.

But if you can safely save your crew and yourself without risking your ass than that seems like the smart move.

I have ditch bags and a ton of other gear. No raft. I can live in cold water for a long time just floating....but if I go in trying to save my boat and can't I've pretty much rendered myself useless and possibly in need of assistance. Putting the crew at risk .... I've pulled allot of people from the water over the years that thought they could do something...
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Reading your last paragraph reminds me of a "golden rule" they drilled into us when training in wilderness search and rescue: "don't become a second victim"
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Nov 30, 2010
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Everyone has a great point as usual on this board. I used to swim at Ocean shores, Puget Sound all the time...never bothered me that much, but one time I definitely got hypothermia, and my judgement was VERY impaired. I ran 1 mile down the beach, and back up the beach, to get to a house that was 100yds away.

Just a thought if you're going in, and stay too long in, or get slammed in the head by your pitching boat....better have a good crew that can take over if you're in lala land....

Every scenario calls for a different action....there is no "right" answer, just instincts for what we hope is the "right" call at the time....
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