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Humberto Salinas

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Aug 14, 2016
San Fernando Valley
16' Klamath CC
Any one have leads for a boat transport company/person?

I already have a listing on Uship.

Boat is in Middleton Idaho(800 miles away) and I need it delivered to the San Fernando Valley. Was initially planning to drive there, get the trailer serviced, then drive back. Boss called me today and I cant get the time off.

Looking for a flatbed service or a driver that can get the tires replaced and the bearings repacked at a shop just in case. I had already ordered the tires to do this myself but I can still return them if the driver will be picking up without stopping here first.

Boat is 17ft Arima

Kinda pissed but Covid ruined our workforce at work so now looking at this option instead of a nice little road trip.


I've posted enough I should edit this section
Sep 5, 2015
Brookings, Southern Oregon
Chris Berlin
21 Arima Ranger
call rv dealers in boise. There are retired guys with 3/4-1 ton diesel trucks who deliver rv's for dealers and move rv for people who dont want to tow them. But I bet you will be surprised at how much they will charge. Best to find someone local with a 1/2 ton truck/suv to make the run for you.
Check the age of tires. chances are should get 3 new ones. plus full wheel bearing service.
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