Boat selection?


Oct 17, 2019
South Bay
14’ craftsman fiberglass harbor cruiser
I’ve been on and around boats my whole life but never owned anything but a couple 12’ dinghy types. Finally got my wife out and now she wants a bigger ‘more sturdy’ boat for us and our 2 young kids.

Realistically, I’ll use it for fishing bays, harbors and the break wall at Long Beach, maybe the kelp beds in PV on a calm day, possibly lakes like castaic. No interest or intention of going way off shore or out to the islands. Maybe the oil rigs outside Long Beach, but even thats a stretch. Wanna be able to carry 3-4 on fishing days and 4-6 on pleasure days.

Storage space is an issue so I’m thinking 16’ max. Outboard is a must. How big a motor should I be looking for?

My wife really likes the look and layout of vintage tri-hull bow riders, I do too, but have no idea about their capacity & personality vs. a v-hull bow rider for what I plan on using it for. I don’t foresee a center console fitting the function for a leisure day with the kids or friends.

Not trying to spend a fortune while I’m figuring out what I want long term so an older boat Is is definitely in play. I’m quite aware of the costs of owning and maintaining a boat. I’ve been listening to it my whole life.

I appreciate any input you might have to share.

thanks in advance.