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John Stidman

Apr 29, 2018
Baketsfield ca
John Stidman
26ft seaswirl striper,24 ft trophy walkaround,24ft glasply flybridge.
Howdy all. Well I'm new to southern waters. Other than channel islands. I'm looking to come learn to fish bluefin. I'm pretty much done with my outboard conversion and ready to start putting the machine I gutted and built( thanks to you all). Couldn't have done it without this site and those who helped. Anyways. Looking to come try in couple weeks or even sooner. I've never fished mexico side. So I'm hoping to give it few tries when the bite is in range and on US waters. At least til I learn some then I'll be needing alot boat hoes or whatever you call em to jump on and teach me. I have couple buddies local to my hometown that fish the party boats for them. They will more than likely be on few trips as well. I don't have all the fancy gear , but I do have gear capable. And I'm a hard fisherman. I can pluck at it non stop and never get board. So I'm ancient to learn. My questions are, what lures, should I start collecting to build a tuna box. I do have big rapalas, lots albacore feathers, cedar plugs, and I have some big poppers. Few jigs. So if anyone don't mind chiming in on makes, sizes colors and any other info. I'm asking now so I can at least say I had what I needed before I go. Thank you all for you input and opinions in advance.

Jurel Hunter

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  • Mar 11, 2007
    FV Soldandgone
    colt snipers 80,100 gm brown ahi, black purple
    tady 4/0 or salas 6xjr heavy in chrome
    halco roosta popper pink/orange n silver/blue flying fish colors
    flat fall 160 gm in sardine, pink/blue, chartreuse/glow

    hooks- size 4 n 1/0 mutu circle hooks, 4/0 super mutu for sinker rig. 4,6,8 oz sinkers.

    not many bft on troll but try ur cedar plugs n smaller back/purple n mex flag jet heads way back (100 yds). those will work well when yft start filling in too.

    that will get u started.

    fish are as close as they will be. learn about regs in mx (how close u can get to islands w/o bracelets) n go!
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