Offshore Bluefin - yellowfin 11/23



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May 13, 2003
Orange County Kali
OT - the Other Travis
Professional Boat Ho for now
Decided that last weekend wasn’t enough and needed to jump on another trip before the weather sets in. Booked a spot on my favorite o/side 95 footer fishing Saturday, knowing weather was looking great.

Fished US waters south of Clemente. Started the day on a sonar mark that yielded a handful of bluefin, biggest going 140# Average in the 60# all on flyline. School moves on so did we...hit another meter mark, threw bait, saw boils, shut down, didn’t leave that drift til sundown when time to go home! Unbelievable fall fishing with a mix of quality yellowfin and occasional bluefin on a seven hour drift.

I fished 20 and 30 all day never going any higher...did drop to 15 when it seemed to slow, got hit and chewed immediately so didn’t want to do that again. Hot bait was key, as always. CA limits and then started passing off fish to the less experienced and lost count near 20.

All quality fish, well feed and mean AF. Average yellowfin was 25-30 and I had one stand out at 50# . Amount of fish still around is phenomenal. The first storm didn’t turn off the bite, so let’s hope the next round doesn’t....but freezers are full in any case. Awesome year!

Bummer part of the day was a Parker and Defiance who decided to run 20 knots and shut down 50 yards off the stern in the chum line. Captn got on PA and told them to move down swell where a couple other boats were and were hooked up, but they ignored. Moved around the stern, on step, a few times over a couple hours as they drifted faster. Once they finally bailed out, the bite turned on to wfo, up from a strong plunker bite. Can’t fix stupid.

Cool thing I’ve never seen on one of my fish....a chunk taken out by a cookie cutter shark. Perfect circle, little chomp and loin was still perfect with the exception of a 3 inch chunk taken out

Go get em and work together and don’t be “that boat” Tight lines
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Sep 22, 2009
Northern Colorado
Jason Jones ( Lone Shark)
Century 1801, Hobie PA14 & SoA
We had a private boater go having by through our chumline on the PacV like a just out of range of a good iron cast. Idiots

There is no shortage of Tuna out there right now.

A good bait Is no doubt key.

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