Bluefin hoes or a Captain?


Sep 8, 2013
Ocean Shores Washington/Mexico waters
52' Hatteras C Lobos Del Mar
I have a sportfisher in Ensenada and see that the SD fleet is out due west 40-45 miles from the harbor. I have never fished for bluefin but thinking its time to start. I have a kite, rigged yummies, shit load of flat falls and quality rods/reels. I'm lacking Helium, upgraded hooks/rigging on FF's. I have a huge bait tank but there is no live bait available here although we can make mac's.

I'm wondering if I should hire an experienced Captain to come down (if even available) or see if I can find 1-2 very experienced hoes who can share their knowledge in exchange for a couple free trips.

Isaiah M. R.
Isaiah M. R.
I'll help you. My buddy had a 40' Riviera at coral. We killed it every weekend.
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