Offshore Bluefin fishing on the beach


Ricky Fish

Aug 2, 2017
Newport Beach, CA
Ricky Fischel
2520 Parker
Been awhile since I've been able to write a report, but this was also only our second trip fishing bluefin this year. We had a nice bite to round out that early May bluefin bite on that 60lb grade fish. Surprisingly we were fishing very close to the zone that these fish were in a month ago as its been sliding around a lot as they do during the early part of the season.

Fished two nights and a day to round out this past week and got ourselves a nice little score. First afternoon and evening was really slow. We stayed up all night and grinded, but the fish really did not want to come under the boat even though we had them on the sonar. About an hour before greylight we made an extremely short move and finally got on top of some schools and shut down to fish. It started biting really well for us on all the usual stuff and we boated three fish, two being over 100 and one around 50lb, losing one or two in the process.

After the greylight bite cooled off we began the search and stopped on many different schools of fish. We were getting bites on the heavy metal, but had a lot of fish that either didn't stick or popped off after being on and ripping drag for a few seconds...just how it goes. Midday we got into a zone a few miles inside of where we had started and stopped on a very small bird school. Immediately saw the fish on the up and down, so we decided to shut down and fish it. These midday fish were mean and ready to bite. They were holding under these birds, even though all of the fish that we caught on this day were hooked between 200-450 feet deep. We had a beautiful view of the Baja coastline as these fish were pretty damn tight on the beach as you all know if you've been keeping an eye on the fleet.

Boated a few more fish and of course missed a couple and then the fish disappeared from us almost completely. We looked around a bit more and were able to find a few more schools, but they weren't having what we were serving. Fished all through the night again and were hoping to have another good greylight bite, but that was not the case.

Sun came up and the fish seemed to have moved up in the water column overnight as we were now seeing more fish between 50-100 feet and also a lot of the big fish breezing around. Got 3 more bites in the early morning that didn't stick before we finally were able to boat one more. With our fish boxes already plugged, we left and headed for the barn after that in some absolutely beautiful weather. Ended with 6 between 100-170 and 2 of the "smaller" 50-60lb fish.

For us the heavy metal caught all the fish, although some otheres caught on the balloon (no wind at all), flyline, and sinker rig. These fish seem to be requiring a different technique to catch them every few days, so make sure you've got all your bases covered before heading out.

Side note, there is miles and miles of big bonita above the bluefin zone in that green water below the islands and the tuna we found were in the warmer blue water below. Here is a couple pics from our trip.






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