Bloodydecker wins San Quintin Governors Cup! -July 24th


Apr 27, 2003
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Cabo 216
Congratulations to my neighbor in San Quintin, Roy (Sea Esta) for winning the Governors Cup in San Quintin this Saturday with the first marlin of the year! I am sure he will post more when he gets off the water with his visiting son and his friend.

There were also a couple of Dorado caught the day before on patties with a few yellows while we were there!

Here is a photo of the much needed new courtesy dock for all you San Quintin fans!


Sea Esta

Jul 14, 2005
Laguna Beach.......... San Quintin B.C.N
MAKO Home Port San Quintin Baja
Well this years tournament turned out to be quite exciting. I've been down in SQ for the past week and conditions were near epic. Sunny, no wind, calm seas, and good numbers of fish in the area. We picked away at the albies a couple of the days and every sign of life offshore looked like it was about to bust open. A few tanker seabass were caught, and everyone was gearing up for a great tournament weekend.

Then, just a couple days before the tournament this low pressure system moved in and everything but the wind slowed down. My son, Roy Jr, and his buddy Hemzeh drove down and showed up ready to fish late on friday morning. We launched the boat, blew off making bait, and bombed outside. We trolled the local banks 17-30 nm offshore. We didnt get a single strike the entire day but found a couple nice paddies holding YT and lots of dodos. They refused to take a jig or iron so we were SOL without bait.

We came back in late, exhausted, and frustrated. Not knowing if we should chance it and go offshore the following day, with little or no bait, and battle the weather, or stay inshore and work for a big wsb or flattie. In the end we decided to take a chance by heading straight to the island. I hadn't fished San Martin during the week, but had heard a few optimistic reports. We knew that we might be able to make some bait on the lee side and hopefully find a big homeguard YT.

We were the first to make it to the island and quickly metered a few baitballs. Within 15 minutes we had a great selection of spanish and greenback mackies. Stoked on our small victory in the tank we were quick to get a few fresh baits in the water. As we turned the corner we were pleased to find the Vagabond on the pick in a hot bite with a lot of bent rods. For the next hour we slow trolled macks in the area and picked up a couple nice yellows. As the fleet showed up the bite quickly slowed down. Now we decided to head out to the tuna grounds with the hope of running into some albies or a loaded paddie.

Even though we struck out the day before, we observed that the "fishiest" area was from 20-23 nm out. We decided to work this area feeling that it was our best shot. Within 30 minutes we were zipped on a small black and purple jethead on the inside port corner. We made a large loop and soon after got slammed on our long centerline. A big white Izuo Bros tuna jig.

We fought the marlin for 30 minutes and had many exciting moments as the fish displayed its strength. With still six hours left to fish we were happy with our results. We boxed in the area and then trolled back in to the 500 fathom curve where we pulled in the lines and headed in.

We ended up placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the offshore division, and received some dope Shimano gear. Shimano definitely comes through as a killer sponsor with this tournament circuit, and we are excited to use the new trinidad and tyrnos reels and other prizes. Thanks again Julio and all involved for putting on such a great tournament and we look forward to seeing it grow. Its awesome to have this big of an event here in San Quintin. And thanks to everyone for the kind words.



Mar 12, 2005
La jolla, CA
Doug Moranville
Cabo 216 Stroker V
You guy's earned it and beat out some really big boats from Ensenada and Rosarito as well as everyone else. Great job and nice post. See you down there again soon. ASAP!