Blasting at the IB Pipe


Getting Saltier..
May 28, 2009
'Slayride' Invader 183 / Hobie Quest
Just posting for any of you skiff guys planning on hitting the sandbass bite at the IB pipe. The wind reports looked good, and after a lake flat run out of the bay, my buddy and I pointed it for the pipe. Tons of bait in the bight on the way there, a little bumpy, but not bad, but as we pulled up to the zone, it got downright nasty. Stiff offshore wind out of the TJ valley and a crossed up swell had it capping with steep, short interval waves. We didn't have to think twice about turning tail. Hit up the whistler on the way back for some great conditions for about an hour before the west wind started to blow. Had a fun pick of sandbass and a few sub sized lingcod, all released before calling it a day to have a couple of cold ones in the sun at a buddies boat in Shelter Island. Overall fun day, but if you're heading south tomorrow watch the wind..


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Apr 5, 2011
san diego
Fish Taco
The weather can turn quick. South bay today the wind really picked up mid morning I was driving around. Seemed like an offshore wind? Weather reports just can't tell you how it really is in the short term. Good intel on the bait in between the bay and the pipe. Haven't been to the pipe for a while. Might have to make a left turn next time.
Thanks for report.