Black Avet 50 SDS w/ gear upgrade


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Apr 28, 2004
Huntington Beach, CA
Champion 188

I have 1 Black Avet 50/2 SDS (topless) left that I would like to find a new home for. It has the $50 upgraded “Kite Gear”, which increases the high speed gear ratio from 3.2:1 to ~4.5:1.0. This is great for the kite, or dropping jigs on our local bruiser BFT. The low gear is unchanged at 1.3:1.0. The reel is loaded with 500+ yards of 200lb hollow spectra, and is ready to fish (subject to your top shot of choice). All of our reels get serviced regularly by Avet. A 9.0 cosmetically and great mechanically......the only minor thing to note mechanically pertains to the has the slightest of stiffness.....very slight and 100% unnoticeable when turning the handle when fighting a fish. I have factored in the replacement part ($25) into the price, although I highly doubt you will want to change it out when you feel it......I just like to be ultra transparent. Like all my quality reels, I offer a 100% money back guaranty if you are not I have plenty of references (but you can do a search). Price: $390 shipped to your door....btw, I have sold many for $425+. Reel is bottom right in pic. Thx!

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