Billfish disappear as dorado, tuna and yellowtail limits climb.

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    Baja Bytes Weekly Overview
    Friday, August 7, 2015
    Gary Graham

    Que Pasa

    No qualifying billfish were brought to the scale as the third and final day of the Bisbee East Cape Offshore continues.

    If you want to follow all the action, here is the link to live scoring:

    Coronado Islands

    Very little interest in the Islands currently, but those who are giving it a look are finding decent yellowtail action along with some bonito and barracuda.

    Middle Grounds, Ribbon Kelp, South Kelp, SKR and the Rockpile are holding 10- to 15-pound yellows. Most are being caught on fly-lined sardines.

    Sea Lions are brutal! Not enough boats to spread them out. Best bet is to slow-troll sardines or mackerel on heavy gear and to be ready to horse that yellow in quickly after a hook up.

    If you come out to the Islands, expect to be boarded by the Mexican Navy. Be sure to have all your paper work, i.e., Passports, FMMS and permits ready to show them. Best bet is to collect all of these from everybody and keep them in one single large plastic Zip-lock bag so when they ask for them, they are in one spot and ready to go. Make it easy for them and above all, STAY FRIENDLY! …


    Short version: Gamefisher sport fishing, eight anglers. Good not great fishing. 8 YFT, 1 dorado and 4 small YT in the boat. Saw 5 marlin, had 2 come in and strike. One was hooked for a few seconds within 4 to 5 miles from shore. Hot lures were Zuker grass skirts and a pink cedar plug. I'll definitely be back.

    San Quintin,


    Another great trip to SQ. Towed our boat down from SD without issue and stayed at the Old Mill; fished with our good buddy Captain Juan on Friday to give the WSB a shot inshore. Trolled the crocks and did that whole deal for nada. Apparently the bite had been on and off .. off this day. We decided to hit the highspots for other action. My brother caught a nice yellow and lots of the usual good SQ fishing for lings, rockfish, whitefish, etc.

    Saturday I decided to run outside to the warmer water and it paid off. Several nice big dorado, and LOTS of small football YFT. Most released, several for sashimi! Water temp on the outside was 74 degrees, opposed to 60 degrees on the beach. Few paddies, but lots of life. Dorado were taken trolling. …Cap'n Dan

    Santa Rosaliita

    Recently had the opportunity to head down to Baja with my buddy Joe and fish on this 16' Klamath known as the "Sunrise." We left Saturday morning from Glendale at 4:00 a.m. and had an uneventful 12-hour drive to "our" beach.

    Day 1 - The first day we decided to hit the inside "camp reef" and fish in about 60- to 70-feet of water. I had brought a 5-pound box of squid and every drop resulted in a quality white fish or sheep head. Joe fished the Iron most of the day and had a number of really nice Calico Bass.

    Bahia of Los Angeles


    Group of 15 drove down 7/27 and fished two days. We stayed at Daggett’s and fished two of Daggett’s pangas and two of Igor's pangas. Mexican limits both days of yellowtail to 42-pounds. On the 2nd day we also did some cabrilla fishing. Making bait a little tough on Tuesday, but was better on Wednesday. Watch the road from Punta Prieta to BoLA … rough in spots.

    Cedros Island


    The first dorado of the season caught in Cedros, and I also heard yellowfin tuna in the 30-pound range. Interesting months ahead with El Nino. Early August so far very good for yellowtail, although not quantity but great quality big yellowtail in the 30s and 40s, and some already in the 50s. They really look like monster fish. …Jose Angel/Cedros Island

    Bahia Ascension

    No report…Shari Bondy

    La Bocana


    We are participating in a super program, only in photography, rod and reel, ' invite a child to fish " today on this day of the fisherman, congratulations to all the fishermen...... And thank you Pedro Sors... Estero de la bocana, Baja California Sur...Juanchy Angular




    Hot summer days and slow fishing are the two biggest parts of the Loreto fishing scene. There are just not many boats out on the water working at fishing.

    Down south out of Puerto Escondido, "Wild Wil" did five days fishing in the past ten days. The first four days were total busts and day five got busy with 4 marlin catches but still zero score on the dorado.

    Up on our northern side, we are still catching small dorado off the west side of the Coronado Island. Sardina and very small dark red and purple feathers are the most consistent terminal offerings for the little dodos. Along the coast across from Coronado there is spotty action on the roosterfish.
    Close in where the sand meets the rocky coast is where we have been seeing airborne 8-inch needlefish and roosters from 20 pounds to 40 pounds.

    Inside the Mil Palmas Bay there are schools of big lisas that would make perfect bait for huge roosters.
    They will eat almost anything once they start thrashing bait fish.

    I got picked up by a 30-pound rooster on the third cast into a boil by the arroyo at Villas Linda Mar. I was casting a classic blue and white surface iron with a ringed circle hook and was hesitant to set the hook. With an 8 foot rod and only 20 feet of line out, there was no way I wanted to catch that iron. The hook didn't set but I am sure it would have done a number on me if I had tried! Natural tattoos and accidental piercings happen often enough without the help of a Salas 7X.

    I'll continue my stakeout as the sun sets behind the mountains.

    Yellowtail are still on the menu at La Cholla and Lagrimas but there are very few cabrilla and pinto bass in the mix. Surf casters are picking up toro, barracuda and sierra off the rocks at the Marina.

    Hot days and warm nights. It is the first week in August! … Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing


    Still good fishing in Loreto. The action is between Puerto Almeja which is 35 miles north of Loreto where pez gallo, pargo, dorado (size between 12 to 29 lb) and sea bass is pretty good.

    Yellowtail, jurel, has been caught in the area of Las Lágrimas south of Coronado islands to Punta Lobos; their size from 18 to 30 lb.

    Marlin and sail fish has been found north of Loreto to Punta Baja south of Carmen Island…Ana Gloria, Oasis Hotel

    La Paz


    Uh, yea .. it's been a pretty good week for big roosterfish! Ken Chaplin is our amigo from Oregon and a hunting outfitter, and he came down to spend the week with us. He knocked several of these big roosters and released all of 'em! …Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter International.

    East Cape



    Third day of the East Cape Offshore and 61 teams are out looking for a blue like this. photo by…Mark Rayor, Team Jen Wren


    Breezing bait being chased in front of the hotel entices kayak anglers at Rancho Leonero.

    San José del Cabo

    Yellowfin tuna remain the main species being caught by anglers, using sardina for bait on the Iman Bank has been where the most consistent action has been. Some anglers are shopping for slabs of giant squid at local super markets as another option and this has been paying off. Average size for the yellowfin has been in the 10 to 50 lb. range, though the recent tournament did produce a couple of tuna in the 150 to 170 lb. class.

    Lots of charter boats have been congregating on the Iman Bank, coming from as far as the East Cape or Cabo Lucas, since this is where the best bite has been, heavy pressure has meant that the fish have become more finicky and anglers were finding better success while using lighter leaders, though that can be a problem when hooking into larger fish. No huge numbers of fish now, though most charter are catching tuna in the 50-pound class.

    Still no dorado being reported, only an occasional wahoo and the billfish bite has been scattered, with more blue marlin in the 100 to 200-pound class being found, a few black marlin as well, as well as some sailfish and striped marlin. Last week a 553 lb. blue marlin was weighed in, caught on a private boat on the Pacific Finger Bank, a bit out of range for normal day charters.

    Off the bottom there have been a mix of pargo, occasional amberjack, triggerfish, bonito, white tuna, cabrilla, dogtooth snapper and even a handful of larger sized roosterfish, which seem to like hanging out in the deeper water where they are finding a variety of natural baitfish congregating, this has been a trend in recent years.

    Anglers hooking into heavy fish over the deeper structure, only to find out they have a big 40 to 60 lb. roosterfish instead of an amberjack or grouper.

    Not much inshore action at this time of year, action is centered over the offshore grounds, this is where all of the bolito, skipjack and other food sources are congregated.…Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas.

    Los Cabos


    Often, one fish is enough -- especially if it's as beautiful and big as this 136-pound yellowfin tuna caught aboard Bill Collector by Tom, Barbara, Kathy, Rob, Leslie and Ted from Fayetteville, Arkansas. Fantastic job team! …Pisces Sportfishing.


    Just look at these flags! Nothing less than 2 blue marlin and 2 striped marlin, caught and released, for our anglers Mike, Alex, Jim and Marshall from Carlsbad Springs, Canada. Stripers weighed 100 pounds, and blue marlin, 200 and 250 pounds. All caught near Herradura.
    Great job team! …Pisces Sportfishing.

    The full moon had a severe impact on the overall fishing results over the past week and the boats were searching both sides of the peninsula for action.

    Cabo Climate: It was a hot and mostly sunny week with a few passing clouds and air temps that varied from 78 nights to 95 daytime highs and a humidity level at 89%. Bring hats, sunglasses and light weight clothing, along with lots of sun screen lotion.

    Sea Conditions: Sea temps are warm on both sides of the peninsula. Pacific side varied from 85 to 86 from the Finger Bank down to Cabo Falso area and rounded the corner at Cabo to Palmilla at 87 degrees, increasing to 88-89 all the way to Los Frailes. Surface breezes are tropical and lowing from the west northwest … varying from near calm to 16 mph.

    Best Fishing Area: The triangle area from Cabo Falso to Gray Rock, (Cabeza de Ballena) and out to the Herradura, (Horseshoe) was the area that produced most of the fish…Larry Edwards, Cortez Charters
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    Congrats to the Marshall's for the catches! Even more-so for the releases!!! Saludos!
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