Big Redfish in Tampa!

McQuade Outdoors

McQuade Outdoors
Nov 24, 2005
San Diego
john mcquade
Paddle Board
Fished some random backwater in Tampa bay the afternoon of mothersday. Contactor never showed up to tile my shower so i did it myself in the morning and made it out in the afternoon for a few hours. Fished the 5" zman swimbait the entire time, losing 1 small snook at the board, breaking one really nice snook off, 2 redfish (one of which was a tank!), 1 cat fish and 1 speckled trout. It was classic definition of how a bad day can turn around and be great! Also to top it off, i found a little taco stand like what we would find in San Diego or Mexico so it was nice to get some real tacos.

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