Big Dolly!


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Jul 31, 2017
20 ft duckworth
Went out for a quiet day on Lake Quinault Saturday before going to Westport tomorrow, had a great day and caught my personal best Dolly Varden, 7 lbs. 3 ozs. Put up an incredible fight on an ultra-light lami kokanee rod, the 7.5 ft. one piece orange rod, 8 lb. leader. It put the silvers at Westport this year to shame , at least 5 big runs, then sulked by the props trying to either cut the line on them or rub the line on the bottom of the boat. Great netting by Melanie, he's a guest of honor along with the Wynoochie steelhead from last month at our anniversary party next month at Lake Quinault. Only Dolly of the day, but a half dozen beautiful sea-run cutts just up from the ocean, biggest one at 16.5 inches, Melanie is holding it. Also note the one that an osprey dropped earlier, this is the 2nd freshly sliced by osprey talon trout I've caught, we saw this osprey fishing but didn't see him drop it, unlike the last one where we saw him drop it and caught it still bleeding less then an hour later in the same area. All nice red meat, 13 to 16.5 inches except for on dink 8 incher, hooked deep so Hamza (our lucky fishing dog) gets it fried in butter. All caught on spoons and downriggers, 35+ ft. down. Looking forward to tomorrow for salmon, weather looks to be great. Bob and Melanie

bobs 7lb 3oz dolly vert.jpg Mel's 16.5 inch cut.jpg Osprey cuttthroat.jpg
Apr 14, 2013
Federalway wa USA
Big dog
Nice work! Never got the boat out on Wynoochie this year but did catch a couple small trout at Satsup lake throwing spoons. Maybe next year I will drag the boat up and pawn the breakfast responsibilities on someone else. Thanks for the info on your post.