Offshore Big BFT Everywhere, 7-10-21


Sep 10, 2008
San Diego, CA
Boat Name
M40 Knight and Carver
We decided to take out the Arjuna on Saturday to fish the big BFT. I was joined by the Rustman Rusty, Andy, Danny, my son Nathan and Alex. The game plan was to fish the 182 and work up the ridge. We left the dock around 8:30 am and got 2 great scoops of bait at the Mission Bay bait barge.

we pointed the point to the 182 and a mile or so from the location, we started to search for fish. We came across some breezers and started to mark some fish. The fish marks looked small and the fish breezing looked like small Yft.

The game plan was to go for the big BFT and decided to venture north and pointed the boat towards the 289. Upon 6-8 miles from the next destination, we were basically all by ourselves with bird schools after bird schools of fish from 100 to over 200 lbs. The amount of fish was insane.

Our first hook up came off the CA flyer and a big freight train smashed the lure. We are hooked and we are right. The Rustman is reeling the rod and it goes slack, WTF. We brought the line back in and the 200 dollar flyer is gone. It looks like a bad connection to the leader, oh well. Shit happens.

We kept working the next bird school and this time we had rigged a dead flyer. We get in front of the school and the meter is lit up. We waited and within a couple of min, we are on again.

Rustman is tight and we go to work. My son Nathan is fighting the fish. The fish started to take line and dive deep. We get it to color and sunk two Gaffs. The first fish in on the boat and high fives. The fish was somewhere between 120-140 lbs. It was not a beast, but it was a good fish, especially for Nathan’s first BFT on the Arjuna.

We reset and started to look for more fish and got hooked up again on the CA flyer. We are tight and Danny is fighting the fish. This fish was ripping line and fought like a mother. We had it close to the boat and the we pulled the hook. Shit, that’s fishing.

We proceeded to work the area some more and get blown up 3 times on the CA flyer, with the BIG BFT breaching and missing the lure.

That was the end of the action and see started to head west towards SCI. We didn’t see anymore bird schools or big volume of fish.

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