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Mar 6, 2004
Long Beach
Incredible First Trip
Bill Cavanaugh
We returned home from a very successful 3 day trip this morning at 0700. Final tally for our trip was 42 bluefin tuna, 27 of those were over 100 pounds, 3 were over 200 pounds and 1 was 188 pounds. We also picked up 70 yellowtail. Most of our bluefin came during a night bite that was nothing short of epic. It was every drop for 4 straight hours on the flat falls and sinker rigs. We had 5 to 10 fish hooked the entire time. It was crazy good fishing, a night that none of us will ever forget. Our jackpot winners are as follows: third place went to Michael Frawley with a 188.1 pound bluefin tuna, second place went to John Keeler with a 202.4 pound bluefin tuna, and first place goes to Patrick Wade with a 215.7 pound bluefin tuna. Honorable mention goes to Nicko Carcich with a 200.7 pound bluefin tuna that he landed while fishing the kite. Strong work men! Thank you to everyone that fished with us. We enjoyed having you aboard. Thanks for checking in. Life is good, Captain Bill Cavanaugh and the Intrepid Team


Update for Apr. 20, 2021 4:11 PM​

Bluefin Tuna Bite​

The Polaris Supreme is now up to 27 Bluefin Tuna from 40-110lbs! They had 2 fish hanging at the time of report, so stay tuned for more updates. Great sign of fish in the area and they seem to be in the biting mood.

19 April 2021: Captain Aliyar called in with us today from the Polaris Supreme:
We just got tied up this morning from a 3 Day trip. We finished with 15 Bluefin Tuna. The first day we saw a good sign of fish bit it was hard to get a bite. Yesterday the fish were more scatted and it was tougher fishing. The biggest we landed was a 197 pounder and we had a couple in the 140-150 pound range. We put in the effort to scratch up 15 of them.


Fishermans Landing Monday 19 April 2021 @ 7:49 PM
" . . . the Shogun is up to 16 bluefin tuna so far with more hooked. 5 of them are up to 100-180lbs. This is a nice long drift and the fish are sticking with them so they are hoping it will go off. Not the best weather conditions today, but should be better throughout the week."

Shogun Office Staff
Shogun returned this morning with 11 BFT and 52 yellowtail. This was the jackpot fish weighing in at 165# dressed.

Shogun Office Staff
Good morning guys, Shogun returned this morning from a 1.5 day limited load with 23 passengers. They ended up landing 10 bluefin tuna 9 of those were over 100# the biggest one weighing in at 190. They also had 22 yellowtail.

American Angler
We were greeted with phenominal sign upon entering the grounds but they lost interested by the afternoon. We only put 3 onboard but those deserve bragging rights with a 211, 129 and 50#er. Even though the outcome wasn't what we were hoping for, the sign leaves us super optimistic about tonight's trip and those in the near future. The guys recommend that you have a 60-80# outfit for the sinker/rubberband rig as well as for daytime jig fishing - for bait a short flouro topshot of 60# with 80-100# spectra backing and 2/0 - 4/0 circle hooks. Bring a smaller rig for yt paddies as well. Ocean was chilly so bring a jacket


NIght Time Bluefin Bite
Captain Mike Loust checked in from the Tomahawk out of Fishermans Landing in San Diego CA.
Daylight broke and we put 3 more Bluefin 80-90 pounds on the boat after last night action. We have 5 Bluefin over 100 pounds, 1 about 180 lbs. and the rest around 150 pounds. And have 2 more at around 50 pounds. Very good sign of Bluefin out here. Weather is laying down all the time, hoping for a nice hit today.
2.5 day with 24 anglers wound up with 11 Bluefin Tuna + 20 Yellowtail
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