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Mar 26, 2022
Santa Cruz
Sam Hyduchak
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Hobie Outback
What lures should I have in my bag for BFT from a sport boat in Monterey bay area?

-Trolling? I have a 2 6” DTX minnows, and 2 4” cedar plugs
-Knife/Butterfly jigs? I have a collection of nighttime jigs and a few smaller 100-150g day jigs
-Boat has down riggers
-Boat has decent electronic package
-Hopefully will have outriggers by Sept.

Live bait is questionable, might have bait tank soon. We will have to make our own bait. So would like to have some other options.

Caught 2 BF on the Excalibur in April and haven’t stoppped thinking about it

Thank you for any help or advice
BD has been a incredible asset
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Jul 22, 2020
Santa Clarita, CA
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For trolling, I've heard that the mad macs are working good. I recently picked up one of the Nomad flying fish lures. It's a large floating surface lure with wings and looks like flying fish. I trolled it once and it actually looks good. Was too early in the day/season to be using it, but it mimic'd flying fish without a kite or helium.

Large and medium knife jigs, Mustad rip rollers (worked for me in March), and a few flat falls. Larger colt snipers with a couple smaller ones just in case. A couple surface irons, maybe a large stick bait and a popper. You just never know what they're going to be biting.
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John Stidman

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Apr 29, 2018
Baketsfield ca
John Stidman
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26ft seaswirl striper,24 ft trophy walkaround,24ft glasply flybridge.
I got mine in morro Bay on the big cedar plugs I have tons of day and night jigs to try soon. But they hit every trip. And as stated above. Others out there caught on slow troll macs or smelt. Fly line and diwnriggers. I'm just learning so I'm gonna have a lil bit of everything.
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