Offshore BFT 8/31/20

Mar 18, 2016
Sunset Beach
Taylor Kooiman
38' Phoenix: California Angler
Left LB a 6:30 after a scoop from Nacho. Got to the zone around 8:15, it was flat out. Metered around for a few hours only seeing 1s and 2s on the meter. Set up a drift with a frozen around 12 and at 1 we came tight to a good one. Buddy puts the wood to the fish and the 1st fish over the rail at 1:45, 170-200# class. Skunk is off. Set up another drift and by 2:30 there are spots of foamers everywhere. Chased them around for about 45 minutes but they wanted nothing to do with anything we threw at them, poppers, snipers, bait all for nada. I should mention these were smaller grade fish all 10-30#. Reset up on a drift as we now had nice marks every so often. Around 4:30 another foamer pops ahead of us and looks to have a better grade mixed in, so we picked up the flyer and dropped it right on their head. 2nd fish comes tight. Got pops to crank for a while, his first BFT! We made quick work of that fish and about 15 minutes later fish 2 is on the deck, 70-100# class. We'd had enough, gilled/gutted/iced both fish and pointed home. Made it back as the sun was setting, smiles and sore muscles all around.
Tackle: Tiagra 50w Cal'd: 150 Power Pro - UC Invictus 7.5
All fish on the popsicle

Special Shout outs:

1) Billy K thanks for all the help, you run a clean/tight program and it works.

2) Anthony at Sav-On tackle: My man goes the extra mile to make sure his customers are taken care of. Head his way for anything you need.

They are out there and biting, go get em.
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Fishing is life
Aug 26, 2018
San Diego
Working on it
Nice, we were out there also, they hit the yummy but didnt stick. We were chasing those foamers all over, multiple schools, they wouldnt hit anything, including a lively sardine i tossed right on them! Lots of fish out there for sure.
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