Offshore BFT 312 on 7.29.21


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Sep 18, 2004
Launched from O'side. Water was cold on the inside but warmed to 70 degrees offshore. In the afternoon water temps were up to 72. Found massive bait balls about 7 miles out - no signs of tuna.

Fished foamers - found one that bit. Josh got one on the JRI mint gold and Wade got one on the popper.

Lessons learned:
  1. use the proper sized gaff
  2. Use at least 80 spectra to 80 fluoro
  3. Watch Erik Landesfeind video

Gaffs... It's been comical, on my boat we've been gaffing the fish with a 2" hook. The 50-70 lb fish have almost ripped the gaff out our hands. We had a long 8' lever, with a small hook, stuck in a pissed off tuna. That's a combination for disaster. Fortunately yesterday we were able to land both fish. We had the same issue on Monday in OC. Yesterday, my son just realized the problem.

On the Carefree boat they have a 3-4" gaff hook and it stuns the bigger fish. I equate this to shooting a hog with a 22 caliber vs a 44 magnum. The bigger gaff has stopping power.

Landesfeind's recommendation of 80 spectra to 80 fluoro has been a game changer on these 2021 school sized fish.

Positioning the boat allowed us to get a lot of cast in on the foamers. Other boats were either too far to make an effective cast or they ran over the school. Yesterday, I ran over the tail of one school and it sunk out. I reflected back on Erik's video and it made sense. This video has been another game changer.


We cut the 8 foot gaff in half and made two 4 footers. I need to get more calcutta to make a 6' with a bigger hook. The old one is 2" the newer hook is 3". In years past the 2" was fine for local fishing.

Mint Gold JRI produces!!!

Monday's foamer off OC
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Great report. Have you tried gaffing these larger models with the boat in gear at idle? I notice that the Marlin guys always handle their fish this way.
On Thursday and Monday we had double hook ups. We couldn't move the boat.

On Monday, I did try it on a bigger fish. As I came around the fish and the hook angle changed the hook pulled out.

Visualize the popper hook pointing back towards the tail - Im assuming the fish is hooked on the outside of the mouth. How do I keep the hook in the fish as I move forward? The will be twisted forward.
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