Offshore BF Avalon Bank Volume....No Blood

Feb 26, 2009
Fontana, Ca
Boat Name
2601 Striper WA
"No Fish" report. Headed out from Dana Pt with HUGE 7"-8" dines that lasted all day. Short period swell made for a little lump on the way. Began metering bait balls and BF a few miles short of the avalon bank proper and set out the mad macs in pink/purple and DTX minnows in sardine color ~100-150yds out. Seen a few Bf in the 100+ pound range clear the water just to put on show......but no go. Cruised to the slide to see if any magic but it seemed BF were around 100 to 300 ft deep and dropped a sardine on 60 lb fluoro with no results. About noon time had to shrug my shoulders and tell my boy "we tried"..........ran to catalina for some quick calico tacos but the sardines were probably too damn big so struck out there as well. Quick run to the 14 mile bank and it was a ghost town .....1 kelp patty with lots of tiny bait and a mola. Heard on 72 some were seeing foamers around 1pm but we were headed in already , hope they found them. Time to head into the barn. Cloud cover all day with exception at Catalina....sun came out around noon. Backside of cat the breeze picked up ~10mph and had more bump (4'-5' short period swell). Rest of the travel was a light 5-7 mph wind. average water temp at cat 68-72 degrees.....found some 73+ water heading into DP....Barage of boats dragging spreader bars and madmacs made for keeping an eye out to not run the others rig over....can only imagine what today (Sat.) will be like.....
Time to lick the wounds and prep for another outing soon.....

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