Best lures for trolling #6

Nuno Morao

Jun 6, 2015
Lisbon - Portugal
Nuno Morao
ELVIRA - KAYAK - Hobie Adventure Island 2016 and Hobie Outfitter 2008
The 6th video reviewing my favourite trolling lures.

Other deep diving lure and my favourite in the color mackerel for targeting Atlantic Bonito (sarda sarda). Although in the video you may also watch a Sea Bass being caught with the lure.

At first glance Effzett Srinter is very similar to the 11 cm Rapala DeepTail Dancer , both lures dive to 9m and have an identical length, however the action and behaviour of the lures are different,

This in-depth review of the Effzett Sprinter includes a comparison with the Deep Tail Dancer, PROS & COS and a tip for adding weight to increase the trolling depth of the lures.

The video is an independent opinion based on my personal experience with no sponsorship.

English subtitles available - Turn on CC