Bear hunting in Florida


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Mar 18, 2012
Florida Fisherman
We must be even stronger
Bear hunting in Florida

Craig Pittman
Times Staff Writer
Four years ago, after a series of bear attacks on humans, the commission voted to hold the state's first bear hunt in 21 years. It was supposed to last a week and the number of bears to be killed was not supposed to exceed 320. But Florida's hunters killed so many bears over the opening weekend - 304 - that state wildlife officials shut down the hunt after only two days.
The vote to approve the 2015 hunt had already been controversial. Of the 40,000 calls, letters and emails sent to commissioners before their vote, 75 percent urged them to vote against reviving the bear hunt.

Can't help but wonder how many of those 40,000 calls, letters, and emails were placed by real sportsmen/women?
Sadly many of today's 'sportsmen' are more interested in finding fault with other sportsmen than fighting for any cause.
case in point: (this was actually posted)
" more bad pictures with goofy edits "

'finding fault with other sportsmen' !
A dream come true for...

(I took the bear picture. They are all over the place)
With little to NO control the bear population is exploding in many Florida Counties.
Per FWC:

Counties with at least a 50% increase:
(1) West Panhandle 50% increase
(2) South 50% increase
(3) East Panhandle 86% increase
(4) North 92% increase (home of Buck & Boar)
State total = 4,050, a 53% increase
Dated 03/17/2017
I took these pictures while attempting to hog hunt:

'With little to NO control the bear population is exploding in many Florida Counties'.
Control is essential:

Carefully managed controlled bear hunts benefit not only the bear, the hunter, but also the economy:
In June 2015, the FWC approved a limited bear hunt to take place beginning 10/24/15.
Because of revenue generated from bear permits the FWC was able to spread $825,000 through the BearWise program to 11 counties, three cities, and two homeowners' associations. Later $515,283 was distributed among seven counties, a parks department, a homeowners' association, and a community for servicing spouses of retired military members.
Tuesday 10/08/2019
The State's new bear management plan does not call for another bear hunt. Instead, the 209-page daft plan from the FWC talks about managing the bears' habitat and access to trash bins. There's NO recommendation to hold a successor to the hunt that happened in 2015.
Opposition to not only bear, but ALL hunting, is strong.
If hunting in Florida is to remain part of our heritage...
We must be even stronger.
Organizations such as the Sierra Club and the Florida Humane Society are well funded and united; we are neither.
The fact that there’s no recommendation for a new hunt is “good news for the bears,” said Frank Jackalone of the Sierra Club, an organization that had tried to halt the hunt in 2015.
“We’re hopeful” that Florida is done with bear hunting, said Kate McFall of the Humane Society’s Florida chapter. “We will be continuing to watch this closely.”

As Florida hunters...
We must be even stronger.
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