Bay of La 3-6

Cosmo Goss

Jan 16, 2017
Ensenada, Mexico
Cosmo Goss
24 foot Mako
Headed down from Santa Barbara and made it in 11 hours stopping often for our 1 year old. Stayed in Joel Jr’s new rental on the beach near the launch ramp. It was perfect for my wife and the kiddo, plus we set up camp and a kitchen under the Palapa and made dinner and drinks every night with friends.

Bait was tough the first two days but the first day of fishing was lights out, non stop yellowtial and cabrilla with a few sawtail’s mixed in. They pretty much but anything yo-yo’s, live bait, dead bait didn’t really matter. Nothing to huge the biggest yellow might Have touch 22-23# the second day we went for Seabass, got a few nice bites that broke off and settled for some gold spotted bass a few cabrilla and maybe 4-5 yellows.

Day 3 and 4 we were able to make mackerel quick in front of the harbor And head out. Steady yellowtail and Cabrilla, I was able to get a nice maybe 16-17# cabrilla on a blue deadhead lure from Dennis! And I put the new jigging rod built by Bill Burkett out of los barriles to the test! Great new set up and absolutely crushed em. I think we got 3 cabrilla in the 13-16# range. Last day was same as the 3Rd and got out biggest yellow of the trip, right about 27-28#.

My daughter had her first birthday down there and we did a big cookout we had 6 other friends down with us, 2 other kiddos and Joel jr brought his wife and kids over for dinner as well. Got all of our fish cleaned and packed by Brisa the new Cleaning and vacuum sealing company, can’t recomend them enough.

was a totally perfect trip. Only thing that would have made it better would have been to have my wife and daughter out there fishing with us! way back was easy and boarder with sentri was quick an easy. Joel Jr is the best! Can’t wait to get out with him again