Bay area suggestions?


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Nov 10, 2005
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I'm heading up to San Francisco and Napa/Sonoma Valley with the wife for 3-4 days the end of June and looking for suggestions; hotels, restaurants, things to do. We are going to be in SF for a day or 2 and then over to do the wine tour thing. Need ideas of things that will keep the wifey happy (IE; fishing is not going to be on the to-do list...)

Thanks, Dan


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Feb 22, 2006
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Hey Dan love Sonoma. Look for a place called Aurora Park Cottages in between Napa and Heldsburg. A bit pricey but really a place to stay. The beds are the most comfortable ever. When you get there they will give you a ton of passes for free wine tasting. They also every morning will bring you breakfast of hot home made pastries, oj, coffee. Perfect touch before u go and enjoy wine tasting. If you can get a driver ie Lincoln Town Car no limo needed unless you got money to spend and take the wine tour into Russian River Valley. These places make Napa look ridiculous and are beautiful. U will understand. It is worth every penny and I guarantee u will avoid Napa like the plaque based on the beauty of the Russian River Valley. From the cottages it is about a 30 min drive just past Alexander Valley. If you have more then one day drive into Heldsburg and go to the Oakville Grocery in Heldsburg square. They make the best sandwiches and go picnic at Armida winery. Make sure u buy a bottle of Poison. If u are familiar with the winery then u will know what im talking about. It is great and fun to look at plus the view from where u will eat is awesome. Spend the extra dollar to get a driver at least one of the days u are there u will really enjoy yourself and your wife will love u. Request that they bring a colloer to store water and white wine to enjoy with ur lunch. Not knocking Napa cause there are some great places but once u see some of the other wineries that are not as crowded or make mediocre wine u will not want to leave or u will end up buying a winery. SF there is a ton to do China town, golden gate, japenese tea garden is really nice and relaxing, etc.. Lost of things for the tourist to do. Me and my wife generally enjoy dim sum in China Town and then walk to the warf and enjoy a bowl of chowder. Last time we went we caught a SF Giants game. The park is really nice and if you are into sports then that is a fun place to enjoy. Take a bay cruise that goes underneath the bridge. Franchinos in North Beach is a great place for good italian food. He sells until he runs out and the food is fresh. It is a family run business literally. Owner runs it and wife and children cook and serve. They are really great. Hope this helps and if there is anything special u are really looking for done hesitate to PM me. Have fun and if you are flying and buy a ton of wine have it shipped. Well worth it.