Bassin at the shoe and PV 2-23


Sep 15, 2003
Lal Parsonge
18ft Pacific Inflat. Rubber Ducky
Took Mark with me on the rubber ducky today-launched at 6;00 am from Davies. Started out of LB in 90-110 ft of water-54,5 Brrrrr. Up hill current so the bass were biting pretty good. Lots of 2-3 lb sandies and calicos. 3 SB over 5 lbs and a nice 3 1/2 lb calico. The bite was pretty much wide open til 9;30 when the current stopped. DEAD for the next 1 1/2 hrs. Ran into Taxfree up the line off SP just drifting for a few . Ran up to PV and found more uphill current and more fish. Gettin near low tide at 12;30 so called it !!! Just entered the harbor when the blue lights came on-FISH and WILDLIFE- licence and fish check-we are always legal-nice guys . Kept 3 SB for my grandson for dinner.Filled up with gas at Sams club and home by 2pm. The wind started as we got in the harbor. Water at Pv was 57.1--shoe 55.5.Beautiful day on the water !!!
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