Baja sportfishing shakes off threatening storm again

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    Que Pasa

    The 5th La Pesca Baja “Gran Final” was headquarter at the Old Mill in San Quintin last weekend.


    The final event of the summer series hosted anglers from both throughout the region as well as some from the United States including many of the winners of the preceding events at San Felipe, Gonzaga Bay, Bahia de los Angeles and Ensenada.

    Early Saturday morning a fleet of 50 sportfishing boats of various sizes engines roared to life as Tournament officials joined local dignitaries in the official “Flare Gun Start”.

    More than 200 anglers, each intent of catching a winning fish in one of the divisions checked their tackle one final time before beginning fishing. VHF Radios were busy as captains exchanged information and reports from different areas. Later after lines out at 1:00-p.m. they either bragged or lamented about their catches of the day as they returned to the Old Mill. .

    Spectators crowded around the scales as participants brought their largest fish to be weighed.

    After the final fish was weighed, introductions of local Government officials and the obligatory speeches the awards were passed out with much fanfare.

    1st place in the adult bottom division. Richard Elizondo, 12.7-pound ling cod; 2ndplace. Aaron Francisco Rochín Uriarte, 12.1 pound ling cod; 3rd place. Ernesto Alonso Aguayo Yáñez, 11.6 pounds ling cod. Other winners in bottom division included; Bertoldo Gael García, ling cod 7.4 pounds,; Maxiliano Solórzano Magaña, ling cod of 5.5 pounds;

    In surface division the winner was William Clifford Vine, 53.5 pounds white sea bass; 2nd place, Dagoberto Salazar, yellowtail 31 pounds; 3rd place Juan Cook Casanova, white sea bass 29.1 pounds. Other winners; Victor Manuel Zazueta Lucero, yellowtail, 17.6 pounds, Angel Daniel Gonzalez Gomez, barracuda 10.1 pounds.

    Completing an exciting summer of sportfishing that will be repeated in the summer of 2018.

    Baja Norte

    Coronado Islands
    Those who are fishing the Islands are finding the best action at North Island.
    The weather side has some nice yellows on the Ridge in 120-150-feet of water and at least one contact got on these yellows after finding them on the sonar with the yoyo iron and dropper loop sardine. There were also some spots of big bonito breezing up near Pukey Point. Just around the corner in the Lobster Shack area there are a bunch of bonito and some yellowtail … all up on the surface.

    There are more mixed yellowtail and bonito out on the Middle Grounds. Those looking to the south of South Island reported the water has been green and cold.
    Lastly there was a report of a single 15-pound class bluefin tuna caught from a school of bonito due north of North Island…

    371 / 425 / Upper Hidden Bank

    This remains the primary area to find and catch yellowfin tuna, where the fleet continues to chase them on a daily basis.

    First off, you need to understand that this stuff is VERY “Hit and Miss”.
    Some boats are doing very well, but some boats might never have seen that golden jig stop or that magic kelp.

    When a good school is found, they are pretty eager to bite although they are a bit line shy; 15- to 20# fluorocarbon is best and given the current size of the fish that is easy. The tuna are still running from 4- to 20-pounds with a solid 12- to 14-pound average.

    The fish are being found primarily in two ways: jig stops and kelp paddies.
    As for the trolling, everything is working! All colors of feathers, daisy chains, cedar plugs, Rapalas, and Halco’s are all working.

    Most stops are “bait only” but again, in some of the wide open stops the surface iron, stick bait, small poppers, Colt Snipers, and Flat Falls are working, too. These of course can be fished on heavier line…


    Sammy Susarrey Sportfishing
    We went local, trolling live sardines in the bay … double hook up on yellowtail weighing 7 to 12 pounds… Anthony Motshagen

    El Cardonal

    Did a half day on a panga today 6:30 – 11:00 a.m.; 16 yellowfin tuna, 13 white bonito and 1 small dorado. Nothing big … 20 pound was our largest but a lot of fun on light gear…Craig

    San Quintin

    Bait was very tough to make on Saturday though eventually we were able to do so. Sunday skipped out on bait. Fished at the 15 Spot mostly for yellowtail on the iron and lots of barracuda and bonito. We landed 4 of 7 on the yellowtail…Gabriel Davila

    Cedros Island
    I have done the trip three times; there is a difference in Cedros Adventures and Cedros Outdoor Adventures I much prefer Cedros Outdoor Adventures. I caught this 60-pound WSB August 28 this year…David Tang

    Gonzaga Bay
    Hey guys, I’m quite a regular when it comes to fishing Gonzaga Bay, so I know the inshore fishing like the back of my hand. But I’ve been looking at some of the offshore ridges and banks and I have to wonder what’s out there when the water is 80 degrees. Has anyone ever ventured offshore down there?…Justin

    Bahia Asunción

    Such big YT for this time of year. The town is bustling with everyone making lobster traps
    as the season opens October 1.
    To Easy limits of big yellowtail in the 25-35-pound range this week in Bahia Asuncion! Our guests, Joe and Mike and Capt. Juan Arce Marronstarted the day off with a fast triple hook-up jigging irons and all 3 of those BIG fish broke off in the rocks! No worries as they continued to catch their limits of nice-size yellowtail … bigger than usual for this early in our season but we’ll take it!

    Then to round out their bag they brought in some super nice calico bass and called it a day! After some fresh sashimi and seared yellowtail, we went for tacos at Tacos Chikirringis!…Shari Bondy

    La Bocana

    La Bocana offers awesome grouper and huge calico fishing. These calicos are the biggest I have seen and I’ve seen many calicos since I have lived on Cedros Island.

    They are big because locals simply do not eat or kill them.

    La Bocana protects the grouper count by limiting to 1 grouper kill per boat, per day. The boys respect this rule perfectly!…Orchid



    Wow! We have turned the corner with summer weather this past week.
    August and September were both months full of days with highs of 90s during the days and into the nights… many! Now, it’s back to 75 at night and 85 midday.

    Yellowtail and baqueta are being caught out at the “50” Spot with a few 30-pound fish being landed and many more breaking off. Unconfirmed report from the same area notes big dorado in the same area but I’ll need to see some fillets before I start a rush to that coordinate!

    The few boats that did the run north landed a handful of the smaller dorado and battled big schools of bonito which have not been regular attenders this season. Multiple reports from captains of our beach trips as well as from scuba divers that cabrilla of all sizes are boiling on the north side of Coronado Island.

    The water is still bathtub warm and clear and the winter winds are still months away…Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

    La Paz

    Tailhunter International, La Paz, Mexico, Weekly Video Fishing Report for Week of Sept 18-25, 2016

    East Cape
    The great fishing continues on the East Cape! It’s time to come down to Palmas De Cortez and get hooked up!…Van Wormer Resorts


    Truly the best fishing the East Cape has seen for many years. All anglers are easily limiting on tuna and dorado. To quote Doug Dennet of Oregon, “We have been coming down here twice-a-year for 10 years and this has been the best fishing by far!” Good bait including sardina and squid…John Ireland

    Puerto Los Cabos

    Fishing action has mainly been centered from Gordo Banks north to Iman Bank. Water clarity was greenish near Iman and better action was found on the Gordo Banks; most common catches were for yellowfin tuna in the 50- to 100-pound class, drift fishing with strips of sardina; no big numbers of tuna were landed, though at times lots of yellowfin could be seen breezing the surface. They were very finicky in striking the bait that had hooks in them and anglers were doing well to land one or two of these quality-sized tuna.
    Off the beach stretches farther to the north with the water cleaning up on the Iman Bank; the medium-sized tuna in the 5- to 30-pound range bit well along with dorado to 10 pounds in the mix.

    Some days the yellowfin tuna were more active early in the day, especially on the Gordo Banks, but then things switched around and more action was on these grounds later in the day. Tuna of 170 pounds and another close to 300 pounds were caught by groups of local anglers, specifically targeting larger tuna, by putting in long extra hours and bringing ample supplies of slabs of squid to continue chumming throughout the day.

    Anglers using yo-yo style jigs had mixed success on various red snapper, pargo and amberjack … no big numbers, but a handful of nice yellowfin were also hooked on these jigs.

    Not much billfish action reported, though most anglers were targeting the tuna or dorado action.

    There was a lack of skipjack and other baitfish on the grounds but as the water conditions stabilized, there were more bait schools being reported…Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas

    Cabo San Lucas

    It’s been pretty consistent this past week with the mixed catches fairly close. Blues are showing in good numbers; tunas today and decent dorado bite has lasted throughout… Martin Olascoaga

    Hurricane Norma did little more than sit offshore from Cabo San Lucas, raising the threat of making landfall across the tip of the peninsula, and keeping the port closed for three straight days. It was followed by a fourth day of no anglers or boats venturing out. She created a week of lost revenue for the fishing fleets of Cabo, but when they were allowed to leave the Marina, their clients were rewarded with blue marlin, striped marlin and sailfish as well as dorado, yellowfin tuna offshore and inshore skipjack, jacks, plus roosterfish.

    Cabo Climate: Hurricane Norma, which did not make landfall, barely dropped enough rain on Cabo to get the ground wet before moving slowly out to the northwest, fizzling to nothing more than a tropical storm. Day-time temps averaged 86 degrees and nights were 73.6 degrees. The humidity ratio averaged 69.6%.

    Sea Conditions: A few days of rough and windy weather caused by Norma on the Pacific side of the peninsula did little more than keep the port closed. Sea temps, from the Finger Bank southerly to the Jaime Bank, was all at 83-84 degrees. Cabo Falso to Gorda Banks stayed at 85 degrees and from Gorda Banks to Los Frailes varied from 83-85 degrees.

    Best Fishing Area: The Herradura was the better area for almost everything in the mixed-catch category.

    Best Bait/Lure: Live bait, artificials and rigged bait were all working well in most of the areas and the blue marlin caught aboard the “Fish Cabo” was taken on an artificial and released, estimated to weigh 300 pounds.

    Live Bait Supply: There was plenty of live bait available at the $3.00 per bait rate…Larry Edwards, Cortez Charters
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    Great report and pics as usual Gary. A friend in Cabo 2 weeks emailed
    me tonight the town pretty much back to normal again now. Decent fishing. 27th
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