Baja dorado play midsummer hide and seek

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    Baja Bytes Weekly Overview
    Monday, August 21, 2017
    Gary Graham
    Que Pasa

    These are the places around Baja where you will need your daily wrist bands or your Biosphere Passport.


    Step 1 – REGISTER / Click here to register and apply for your passes if you plan on visiting these areas.

    According to Orchid Martinez, Baja Fishing Convoys, there are annual passports that provide access in all of the areas which cost approximately $333 Mxn each for one year and can be purchased in bulk. Wristbands are approximately $60Mxn each per day. Currently both Ensenada Conap office and/or La Paz have them available in limited quantities. We will update as more information is provided.

    Is the Mexican Navy really checking for TIP at the Coronado Islands? I’ve been there three times with the FMM and have not been checked yet so I have no experience on what they ask for. How much does TIP cost and do you need a new one every time you go? …Doug

    Baja Norte

    Coronado Islands

    There are plenty of yellowtail in the area from the lee of South Island down through South Kelp Ridge. There are also some bluefin tuna although the tuna are much more hit or miss. Some catch one or two and many others never even see one.
    These bluefin are small fish in the 10- to 15-pound class mostly and are somewhat line shy. Try fishing them on 15-pound fluorocarbon and a small #2 or even a #4 hook. For slow trolling try 20- to 25-pound fluorocarbon and no more than a 2/0 hook.

    The Mexican Navy is there and checking boats for Vessel Temporary Import Permit,

    FMM and Valid Country of Residence Passport for each person on the boat (can’t purchase the FMM (Tourist Card) without a passport anyway).

    Required permits are listed on the CONAPESCA website for fishing within 12 miles of land including the islands. The permits can be purchased through their website…

    South 9 Mile Bank/Coronado Canyon
    Some yellowtail,tuna and bonito jig stops happening in the area just above the Islands and closer to the beach. There was also kelp found with some dorado on it NW of North Island.


    Many sport boats and private Sportfishers and I didn’t see one hooked up or stopped. No paddies from Ensenada to the area and I took a different course back and didn’t see any either.
    Day was salvaged fishing the south end of Bahia Todos Santos for 15 small yellowtail slow-trolling sardine. Area we fished is known as “the barrels” which is a large area of barrels that are used by the commercial mussel and oyster farmers. You slow troll in between the rows of barrels until you get hi…Louie – It’s 4 Reels

    Outside Ensenada / Hidden Bank to 238

    A few kelp paddies in the area but the action is mostly on the slow side. The water has rolled a bit and most of the kelps are dry.
    What kelp paddies are holding are found to have mostly just small dorado and not many yellowtail. Still a few yellowfin around. Many of those on the kelp but again the volume is very low. Skipjack numbers seem to be on the rise. If you want those try dragging very small red/white or blue/white jet head feathers.

    San Quintin

    Each year here in San Quintin (for the past two and a half or so) the fishing experience has been unmatched in my entire lifetime of fishing, and then some. Truly, for the hardcore, a great fishing destination!
    • a 44-pound halibut and a 55-pound white seabass from the yak,
    • a 5.7-pound California corbina from my steps, plus
    • I won a surf-perch tournament,
    • I paddled among gangs of whales, and
    • I got towed through the eelgrass by a yellowtail … and much more.
    Thank you San Quintin, and all the folks here that fish hard, play hard and live life. I love this place…Daniel

    My buddy Jesse invited me to fish with him and his son Jacob in San Quintin. Thank you, Jesse! We left Friday to fish Saturday. We fished with our boys at K&M and stayed at Don Eddies’.

    As usual, both were tip – top! Kelly’s son Oscar had us on fish from our first drop to limits of smaller yellowfin tuna.

    Fish bit on Rapalas, cedar plugs, glow flatfalls, pl68 glower, and mint white. We had a blast and tore it up.
    Ended up with 20 tuna, 7 yellowtail.

    ITS WIDE OPEN HERE IN SAN QUINTIN … yellowfin, yellowtail, a few dorado and good bait! …Captain Juan
    Thanks to Kelly for raising such cool boys, Oscar, George and Chris {the filet master} and thanks to his sons also for running a class fleet. Thanks to Tony and his son for keeping us fed (and drunk), and our room nice and clean. Great trip and not too far from the border…Rick

    Offshore: This is the zone where the big numbers of yellowfin are coming from. These yellowfin are in the 12- to 20-pound class. The area is roughly 150 miles south of San Diego out near the 220 spot.

    Once you get down into this area the bite is wide open. Boats are getting triple and quadruple jig stops followed by wide open bait stops. This same zone also has a few kelp paddies around holding dorado and yellowtail…

    Cedros Island

    Yellows are everywhere on the front side biting slow-trolled macs and jigs very well. Calicos are on plastics and flat fall jigs in 25- to 40-feet. Broomtail grouper on jigs! White seabass on dropper loop macs. Yellowfin tuna (school size) are all around the island only a couple miles off. Cedar plugs and feathers working well. Dorado are also all around eating bait and trolled jigs…Jeff Mariani, Cedros Tackle

    Bahía de Los Ángeles
    Warm weather and ample small dorado seem to be just what was needed for the Gillette’s recent summer visit.



    Rene Olinger, Baja Peninsula Adventure Tours. found a fat one on her day off….
    Fishing continues to be a little slow for the bigger critters. Plenty of small dorado are still putting smiles on faces but the relative size of the resultant fish tacos might be causing a few puzzled frowns! Roosterfish are the target if you want some excitement with sardina being the best bait for 18 to 32 inchers.

    Bottom fishing is focused on pintos, reds and as always, triggerfish…Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

    Magdalena Bay

    Marty Levy and Dave Schroeder fished 3 days inshore with a large variety of fish including 2 (short released aka missed and broke line) large roosters.


    They caught snook, pargo, mangrove snapper, yellow snapper, red snapper, permit, spotted bay bass, triggerfish, corvina and pompano.

    (This is their catch list – I’m not even sure of all the hundreds of fish species) but these guys are professional inshore anglers and have fished all over the world…Toby


    We went out with my 11-year-old son as first mate (haha) and 4 clients Nasil Jalil, Kamar Jalil, Abdul Jalil andMohammed Dean.

    All Figians (from Fiji originally, but now the Bay area) and these guys knocked off every bucket list fish there is really…Toby

    La Paz

    Mexican Minute La Paz Fishing Report Aug 13- 20, 2017 from Tailhunter Sportfishing Tailhunter Sportfishing…Jonathan Roldan

    East Cape

    This is the first annual East Cape Gold Cup Wahoo Jackpot Tournament. The tournament format will be the same as the Tuna Shoot Out except this time it’s the biggest wahoo that will win. The largest wahoo caught on August 26, 2017 will win a Volkswagen Go plus approximately $15,000* Cash (*based on 50 teams entering). This is a one-day tournament, so anyone can win. …Van Wormer Resorts


    Last week we noted how consistent the bite has been; well there is no end in sight! Good angling continues in all departments. Perfect conditions with no weather issues and a good bait supply are keeping things rolling…John Ireland
    Fished on Vaquera, a 35-foot Cabo operated by Team Jen Wren. The reason I upgraded to this exceptional sportfishing yacht was because my daughter Samantha was joining me as we celebrated my birthday. I just turned 50…ten years ago so it was a big occasion and we decided to go back to the East Cape where we celebrated her 16th birthday…11 years ago…

    Puerto Los Cabos
    Another relatively calm week, tropical conditions prevailing, scattering of clouds, higher humidity and late in the week there were some isolated thunder showers, felt mainly over mountainous regions.

    Bait suppliers were selling slabs of squid, some caballito and also finding some nicer-sized schooling sardina off the beach stretches near San Luis. In recent days the most consistent fishing action was coming when using these live sardina. Most common species have been yellowfin tuna and dorado, a few wahoo and bottom species were also in the mix. There was a chance of hooking into a larger size black or blue marlin as well.

    This week we definitely saw increased numbers of dorado. The majority were smaller-sized fish, under ten pounds, but there were some larger specimens accounted for, up to 20+ pounds found throughout the zone; more concentrations encountered within a few miles of shore, rather than far offshore.

    Yellowfin action was concentrated from the Iman Bank to the Gordo Banks. Early in the week there was a higher percentage of finding a few yellowfin tuna in the 40- to 80-pound class, but later in the week smaller schooling football-sized tuna dominated the action, particularly near Iman Bank. Limits were the rule. Same areas produced good numbers of dorado, with an outside chance at hooking into a wahoo. The Gordo Banks produced more sporadic action, and seemed to be the area where the better chance at hooking into a larger-sized fish might be.

    Main species that were caught off the rocky areas were triggerfish, pargo and leopard grouper, but a handful of quality eating fish for anglers using yo-yo jigs and bait for this bite.

    We heard of several hookups on larger-sized black marlin, though these battles were lost. With the influx of smaller yellowfin tuna moving in, these are a favored food source for the largest of all pelagic gamefish. This is also the time we normally expect to see some of the 200- to 300-pound yellowfin tuna taking up residence on the local high spots…Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas

    The 61-foot Tag Team, captained by Nayo Winkler, along with anglers from Florida put on quite a fight to land their 100-pound yellowfin tuna which was lured to their lines by caballito bait out at the 11:50 Spot. They managed to boat the fish after a grueling 4-hour fight!
    Cabo San Lucas
    Hot! Hot! Hot! Not only has the weather turned up, so has the fishing! Although anglers are not catching too many billfish per boat, we are seeing greater numbers of blue marlin being caught in the 200- to 300-pound range.

    Again this week we had the appearance of a spearfish caught on the 42-foot Hot Rod. But there’s no stopping the tuna, which have been the most widely caught fish this week. Most tuna were football-sized but we had a few in the 100+ pound range. Roosterfish, sierra, jack crevalle and skipjack were some of the most popular game fish caught this week as well…Pisces Sportfishing Fleet

    The influx of dorado and yellowfin tuna have seemingly attracted the black and blue marlin and while they are not the big critters, it would appear they are on their way and probably just waiting for the billfish tournament season in October.

    Cabo Climate: A mostly cloudy week with a day here and there full of sunshine. Daytime temps averaged 88 degrees and nights at 79 degrees. Humidity ratio averaged 72.4%, and a one-day port closure on Saturday due to windy conditions.
    Sea Conditions: Water temps continue to warm up on the Pacific side. Finger Bank and southerly to Cabo San Lucas, including the Golden Gate and Jaime Banks were all at 84-85 degrees. From the shoreline to about 5 miles out and from Cabo Falso to Los Frailes were all at 84 degrees. The high spots, including the 95 Fathom Spot, the 1150, the Cabrillo Sea Mount and the Outer Gorda Banks are all at 86-87 degrees.
    Best Fishing Area: The black and blue marlin were at the 95 Fathom Spot and Margaritas.
    Best Bait-Lure: Sailfish tend to like the rigged trolling bait as do the stripers and the black and blue marlin tend to like bigger artificials on the fast troll with the blacks preferring the bigger rigged trolling bait.
    Live Bait Supply: A good live bait supply for the caballito at the $3.00 per bait….Larry Edwards
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    Wow what a report...good stuff Gary. Great pics
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