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Apr 3, 2007
Lane Vicky
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Been wanting to construct some sort of bait receiver for my slip. Turns out, the marina allows a tenant to keep one inside their slip as long as A.) it fits and B.) no augmentations are made to the dock. That being said, any knowledge that can be shared as to what materials, i.e. containers, barrels, trash cans, that have made for successful receivers would be very much appreciated.
The Sealions are my number one concern. Those bastards could pick locks if their arms were any longer, especially the piggish knot heads that live in the marina constantly looking for hand outs. Basically, i need to build a receiver that will keep a scoop or so of Mackerel alive over night or up to a few days max.
Often i will head down to our slip the night before to ready the boat for early departure and fish. Sometimes the macs run through thick and i am able to fill the tank but to limited amounts. It would be awesome to fill up a secondary holding tank. Thanks, Daniel
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af dreamer

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Apr 16, 2007
long beach,ca
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Boat next to me has made one out of a 55 gal plastic barrel.Cut slits and drilled holes,has flotes attached around the top with some kind of lid.Works great,have put bait in it.Tom
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Tim Swanson

Aug 17, 2008
bonita ca.
Tim Swanson
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Check the water temp at your slip. Got my boat at SunRoad Marina in San Diego. The water in the summer is to hot to keep bait alive. But it works good in the winter. Good luck.
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swami 805

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Mar 9, 2016
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A buddy of mine got one of those ones made of pipe and white fabric off bass pro or something. Left it in the water for a couple months until it got all crusty with various sea life and it looked like part of the dock. Sea lions would swim right by it and never figured out what it was, never had a problem and bait lasted a long time. If they see bait in it it’s game over though. Put one in now for next season if you figure on keeping the slip for awhile
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