Bad info on BC permit requirements?

Discussion in 'Baja Bytes By Gary Graham' started by The original Paul Walker, Sep 3, 2017.

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    Fishing La Popotla B.C. Norte on a Panga run yesterday. Here's the smut.

    First the bad news: Lots'a small rock fish, bass, etc. No WSB, YT's, BFT's or YFT's. Sigh.

    Conditions were crappy going out but got decent, in a couple hours. Still, the water had a confused look - probably from the storm - and the birds were absent. Nada on the inshore paddies.

    Now the good news: Contrary to all the hoopla about the Mexican Navy and needing a Mexican License, Tourist Permit, or US Passport is suspect, my bloody friends. The Elder Panga Capitan assured us that "we are commercial fishermen, and you are with us, under our license" (I wouldn't test it by wearing your "MAGA" hat, however).

    Mexican Navy was right there, stopping USA flagged boats, but they completely ignored the "Commercial" Pangas.

    Panga cost runs $50 per passenger, or $200 for the entire canoe ... license(s) included. Filletting was extra (Super cheap, tho). Two of our group did not have passports and got chastised returning - by USA authorities.

    Next up, after the storm it's San Quintin and the Surf from TJ's La Playa's end southward.

    Tight Lines !!!


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