Awesome trip with Capt Jeff Rodgers 10/29

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Apr 19, 2010
Oceanside, CA, USA
Mark Franics
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My wife, parents and I were attending a wedding on the North Shore of Oahu last weekend and then flew over for some R&R on the Big Island. My dad and I decide to fish one day out of Kona. After doing a little intel, I made arrangements to fish with Captain Jeff Rodgers on the Aloha Kai. We loaded up and were on our way out well before 8am. We were greeted by excellent ocean conditions and light variable winds. Hopes were high for my mom, dad, my wife and I. We made our way to the F Bouy in hopes of some Mahi. Jeff had gotten a few there the day before. As we approached the area, we put out the spread to see if anyone was home. It didn't take long and we had some double hook ups on small shebi. On our 3 pass or so, we had a triple and one of the Marlin jigs was hooked up on a mahi and I got in the chair to land my first Hawaiian Mahi. Soon after that we made a move inside to another set of bouys, but not much going on there, so we head out to look for the "pipe". On our way, the gatorade bottle jig goes off and my dad gets in the chair to fight a blue marlin that would go 131# at the scales. After that, we kept on to the pipe, but again no one was home. Jeff the asked if we wanted to go to his jigging spot up to the north. When we got there, it was my wife's turn to have a chance to pull on something a little bigger than the shebi she had caught. Jeff rigged up a skip jack we caught earlier on the stand up gear and not long after it hit the bottom he hooked up, but the hook pulled. He re-rigged this time with a small shebi. Again within a few minutes he was hooked up and he handed off to my wife. The fight was on an with some coaching and a lot of encouragement, she was able to bring about a 100# sand bar shark to the boat for a safe release.

Well that's the long version... We had a great day on the water and Captain Jeff worked very hard to get us all on fish! Thank you, Capt Jeff for making our Hawaiian holiday that much more special.

If your heading to Kona and want to fish, give Capt Jeff a call!



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