Autopilot and an older Volvo duoprop


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Aug 30, 2015
Snohomish, WA
Brett Yates
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Hoping yall might be able to help answer a question for me. I am looking a 1995 pursuit with a Volvo 5.7lgi (fuel Injected) with dp drive (think a dp-c maybe?). The boat has a garmin AP (think it is an older ghp unit, the display appears to be a ghc10). The current owners don't seem to know much about how it works.

The question I have is whether or not this AP system will be able to steer the outdrive with the motor off?

I would like get a kicker and tie it with an ezteer. Then troll off the kicker but be able to steer (or at least hold a course) with the AP system.

What research I have done tells me the answer is no but I am not confident as it is pulling a little bit from here and a little from there. I think maybe you need a true hydraulic steering setup to make it work. A hydraulic/power steering assist system might not allow this. I have a feeling the volco stern drive uses a power steering assist system so thinking it might not work.

There has to be a lot folks with seasports, ospreys, Skagit orcas from this same era with the same/similar motor/drive combo so hoping someone has some first hand knowledge.

Also, assuming it doesn't work with the motor off. Do I have any options other then just steering from the wheel with an ez steer tie bar or running the kicjer with a tikler/extension? I want the boat to be an all around family boat so don't really want to do something that will make it super hard to remove the kicker when heading to the lake for family cruising/tubing/swimming.

Any option to convert an older stern drive to full hydraulic steering so the AP would steer it with the motor off?

Thanks in advance.
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Apr 6, 2008
lacey wa usa
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It should be hydraulic steering with power assist. It will work without the engine running. Mine does. But I just wouldn’t want my out drive moving around that much running my kicker. Plus the kicker would have a hard time running the battery with the pump running. I use the tr1 on my kicker. In boards are a lot of work to keep running
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