August 23, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii


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Dec 9, 2008
Lahaina, Hawaii, USA
Start Me Up Sportfishing
Aloha from Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii. There are still plenty of small tunas off the leeward side of Maui. Consequently, the marlin are also still hanging around. The ono bite remains on the slow side but the mahi bite does seem to be picking up quite significantly. If there are any questions about the fishing, feel free to contact Deli via telephone in Start Me Up’s Lahaina Harbor booth at 808-667-7879 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Hawaii Time or via email at [email protected]. The following report contains some of Start Me Up’s anglers and their catch up until the middle of August.

The Decoit group started their day by catching this 150 lb. blue marlin. The fish was kept for consumption because the Decoits, who live on Maui, could put the fillets to good use. Later in the day, the group tagged and released an estimated 180 lb. blue marlin and fought another one that was close to 300 lbs.

Adam and Owen Estabrook had an enjoyable morning of fishing. They were excited to catch this striped marlin, which was filleted and consumed.

Joseph and Mark Pavlinac, Dave Coffe, Glenn Herr, and Mike Banks had lots of action. The anglers caught this load of mahis at FAD buoys around Lanai.

Ryan Maiken went fishing with his dad and caught a fish that he will remember for the rest of his life. The blue marlin bit in 200 fathoms of water off the Lanai lighthouse. After 35 minutes of hard work with a 50 lb. class rod and reel, Ryan landed his 191 lb. blue marlin.

Brandon Hopp tagged and released a healthy 175 lb. blue marlin. Brandon’s fish was in good shape after the short fight because Brandon gained line quickly while the boat chased the fish down in reverse.

Vincent French along with Joe and Jennifer Cassella had a pleasant ride to and from a FAD buoy. While at the buoy, however, the anglers were kept busy as they reeled in this stringer of mahis.

Dan Franklin and Rob Johnson caught a blue marlin and a mahi. The mahi was filleted in order to be eaten immediately while the marlin was cut into strips in preparation for spending some time in a smoker.

Nik Nilsson took his son on fishing trip that combined both bottom fishing and trolling. They caught and released some bottom fish that were overshadowed by this ono, which was found at the inside pinnacle called secret spot.

The Graf party woke up early and fished hard. As these anglers know, catching fish can require a lot of hard work. The Graf party definitely deserved their mahis and tuna.

The Levaniidov group was able to sleep in and still catch a great fish. The anglers were trolling along the 100 fathom ledge in the afternoon when they found a bird pile and hooked this blue marlin. Fishing heavily depends on getting lucky and being in the right place at the right time.

Rainbow runners are a rare catch when trolling. This rainbow runner took down a 9 inch lure and surprised everyone upon reaching the boat.

This mahi was found hanging around a small piece of floating debris off the coast of Lanai. Once the fish was found, this angler had no problem getting her mahi on the boat.

Gil, Gil Jr., and Sarah didn’t get the big bite that they were looking for but they can certainly say the akus are present and biting.

Mr. and Mrs. Davis fished with Start Me Up a couple times during their stay on Maui in hopes of catching an elusive blue marlin. They didn’t find their targeted species this time, but this mahi was not a bad consolation.

Gary Morris and his fishing buddy came across some mahis while working an offshore current line. The anglers could have loaded up on mahis if they found a sizeable chunk of debris floating in the current line.

The Nelson family took 2 hours out of their busy schedule to try their hands at fishing. That relatively short amount of time was all that the Nelsons needed to bring in this mahi.

The Gilmore crew got what they came for when they caught this nice bull mahi which weighed in at 35 lbs. Funnily enough, the mahi was at K buoy and chose to eat a lure instead of a natural bait. The Gilmore group also missed a marlin but partly made up for that lost opportunity by catching a second mahi. Unfortunately, not every fish that is hooked can be brought to the boat.

This blue marlin ate the super ninja lure running in the short rigger position. Angler Dirk Leachman said that the fish fought hard but his adrenaline took over and allowed him to battle the fish to the boat.

Running a small lure never hurts because an occasional aku can be fun to catch while waiting for a bigger fish to bite. In addition, catching akus in a certain area can be a helpful clue indicating that there might be larger fish feeding in the area.

These anglers did find an area with a number of akus present but were not able to raise the large fish for which they were searching.

This mahi saved the day for Kim Nichols when the fish bit within a mile of Lahaina Harbor. Pelagic species can actually be caught very close to land.

These three young anglers had an exciting time on the water. They caught this mahi in addition to catching and releasing a shark that they hooked while using live bait.

The Gast family spent some time trolling along a current line. Their persistence in working the current line paid off as they caught two mahis, an aku, and a kawakawa.

Todd James and Andy McKenna had a good time on the water and ended up with a pair of nice mahis.

Aiden, Ed, and Peg Adancik, Mike Rodi, Dan Laborico, and Brian Warbis got up early in order to be the first anglers at a FAD buoy. Waking up early allowed the anglers to catch a nice bull mahi, a pair of cow mahis, and a shibi.

Caleb Eppard, Silas Haenssler, and Henri Moreau caught three of kind. They had plans for a big barbeque and chose to have all three of their mahis filleted.

The Gassmann group finally decided to try fishing on their fifth visit to Maui. They came across a pile of floating debris and caught a bunch of mahis.

The Snell family made a last minute decision to go fishing in the afternoon. They made the right decision as they found P buoy floating freely. P buoy is a FAD that is supposed to be anchored off Oahu but obviously broke off and drifted all the way to Maui. The whole family got involved in fishing the buoy and caught a nice pile of mahis.

Rachel and Alex Gonzalez also got in on the P buoy action. According to their captain and crew, Rachel and Alex did a great job handling all of the fish. Rachel and Alex’s good work allowed the anglers to land a dozen mahis on a 4 hour afternoon trip.

Thanks for taking a look at this Start Me Up fishing report. Hopefully the fishing off Maui will continue to be productive. For a daily bite report, feel free to contact Deli at 808-667-7879 or [email protected]. If the fish do continue to bite, the next report should be posted relatively soon. Until then, tight lines.