August 13, 2009 Lahaina Harbor, Maui Hawaii


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Dec 9, 2008
Lahaina, Hawaii, USA
Start Me Up Sportfishing
Red hot fishing for Blue Marlin, Ono, Ahi Tuna and of course Mahi-mahi is the expectations for July in Hawaii. Blue warm waters and skies help make it even better.

Some great summer fun with the kids brings in some Kawa-kawa’s (wavy-back tuna). Gotta love those smiles.

Bob and Martha Perco, Jeff Beranck, Randy Iskowitz, out to the buoys with Capt. P.Rick and decky Jukka produced a nice bag of Mahi-mahi for the Start Me Up Action early morning trip.

Carl and Brandon Conklin with a pair of Ono fishing with Capt Ryan on the Start Me Up ‘La Dat.

Another day with Capt Ryan gets Raymond Brugger a 640 pound Blue Marlin. Great job Ray-man. A free trip was awarded for his hard work.

Andrea Salazar got a free trip and a great 603.3 Blue Marlin fishing with Capt Ryan on the Start Me Up ‘La Dat.

Tyler Langford and Paul Zielske got a couple of Mahi’s on the 9 hour trip aboard the “Action”

Nick and Angela Yaworsky had a reel nice trip catching 3 Ono with Capt Eric and Johnny “gloves” in (Orange Glorious Shirt).

Ray and David Atkinson, John Flavin, along with Kurt and Tracy Greenamyre had a stellar day raking in Ono’s, Mahi-mahi and a nice 142 pound Ahi tuna leaving on the 3:30am Start Me Up Action trip. Now that’s the best trip in Hawaii!

Dave Colyer with this 34 pound Ono caught on the Start Me Up ‘Cuz was all he needed for the day.

John Koone and son with 30 plus Mahi-mahi’s fishing aboard that Action trip with Capt Skillet. “First kid to the cookie jar gets all the cookies.”

The Phipps family out on an afternoon trip caught this 46 pound Ono on the Start Me Up“Cuz.

Adam Goldberg, Aaron, Josh and Peter Dong, Alex and Fenton Eng help bring in over 40 Mahi’s fishing the 9 hour trip aboard the Action. Dinner for Lahaina Town tonight.

Rob and Cathy Berra each caught an Ono on this trip right outside of the Harbor. Didn’t even get dirty on this trip.

Capt Steve Lambert and Deckhand Jukka tagged and released a 130 pound Blue Marlin on the Action. Great job guys. Nice Shirts Boys

Candy Belz and daughter fishing with Capt Denny Putnam on the Start Me Up ‘Cuz got this nice 30 pound Ono for dinner.

July was a productive month for Ono’s, Mahi and some big Marlin. Hope to see you out with us soon.


Nov 6, 2008
hows the fishing over in land of the bluewater. let the dawgs over here see some some more nice pictures. the dawgs out.