atlantic sturgeon

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    Look what washed up this week in Great bay NJ. Thank you George for showing us this. It just goes to show that you never know what you will find in our bay.
    Not sure if NJ F&G picked it up yet, they were notified

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    The Hudson river used to be one of the best sturgeon fisheries on the planet before they were all but wiped out by 1900. They are really making a comeback. We used to see them every now and again breaching in Raritan Bay in the spring and I've even seen a few caught on jigs in the bay and in the Long Island Sound.

    It's still illegal to target them... have to wonder if they will ever open it up to catch and release fishing like in Oregon and if so if there are enough to make it worth it?

    Thanks for sharing that's a big one for an Atlantic Sturgeon...must of been in the river a while.
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