Arima Sea Chaser 1511 Catalina Ready

Sep 3, 2019
Palomar 10'
Up for sale is my pride and joy, 1992 Arima Sea Chaser 1511. Here is the lowdown. I love this boat. I built her with the intentions of being my forever boat and I'm currently fishing her once or twice a week. The boat is SOLID. Super stable, very light, extremely roomy, fast and easy to self launch if you chose to do so. I am the second owner of the boat and I personally drove up and drove her down from Washington. Since then I've spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to make this boat in to what you see here today.

This is the biggest 16' boat you'll ever own. It's small enough to store in your driveway, light enough to be towed by a small pickup truck (like a Mazda B2200), and stable but most importantly safe enough to fish the islands. I recently did a complete repower and went from a 2 stroke Mercury 50ph to a 4 stroke Yamaha high thrust 60hp. The motor is a beast. Jumps up on plane in a few seconds and powers this little boat through very rough chop with no problem. The 23 gallon fuel tank is enough to get you to and from Catalina with about a 1/3 of a tank for fishing around the various spots. The boat goes about 25mph with a full gas tank, 20gallon bait tank, 60qt cooler with ice, fishing gear and two adults. (in rough water)

The motor runs like new. Starts right up, super quiet and honestly feels like it was made for this boat. I felt that the previous motor (a 50hp 2 stroke) didn't quite have the power to get me through the rough chop in the channel, but that worry went away with this Yamaha. It has a 13.66x13 genuine Yamaha propeller and is hooked up to a genuine Yamaha Tachometer with heat and oil pressure sensors as well as a trim indicator.

I also added a ton of extras to the boat to feel at ease and safe while island fishing. We all know that the most important thing about SoCal fishing is the ability to easily anchor down and pull up to reposition. I added a brand new Lewmar ProFish 700 windlass system to this craft with 16' of chain and 300' of rope. The makes anchoring and repositioning a breeze, and takes fishing to a whole new level. I also put on a 10" high wrap around rail around the perimeter for those super rough days where the boat is so rocky you have to grab on to something. This railing is also the perfect height to lean against while waiting or fighting a monster. I installed a cutting board at the back of the boat which hangs over the transom well to maximize fishing space and ideal for dead bait prep or end of day fish fillet station. Added two marine grade batteries (starter and house) on a Blue Seas battery switch. I reran all the wiring and hooked up a new switch panel, lights, stereo, Huminbird 859ci hd Fishfinder, bilge pump, tachometer for the new Yamaha motor. I fabricated a stow away 20 gallon bait tank which fits under the left lid compartment and can hold about a 1/4 scoop of bait (if you want most of it to live). The rear bait tank is out of the way so the entire rear deck is clear for fishing without having to maneuver around any obstacles. I'm also in the process of installing a wash down system which I will have installed in the next week or two. New windshield wiper and motor, and cabin lights as well.

If that's not enough, I also did extensive cosmetic work on this boat and have literally gone through every inch of the exterior and interior. Originally this boat came outfitted with marine grade plywood paneling throughout. I went ahead and cutout all new panels out of starboard (like the newer Arimas have). The entire interior has been redone. New red trim has been installed all throughout the interior as well. Every piece of hardware has been resealed with new silicone. New rod holders and 4 stainless rail mounted rod holders were installed. New adjustable captains chair pedestal. Every spider crack has been dremeled out down to the fiber and refilled with marine grade epoxy. I didn't color catch because that wasn't important to me, but it also makes it easy to see where the work has been done. Also the boat was used on the river and shored every once in a while before I got it, so all the little nicks and gouges on the bottom of the hull have been repaired as well. All new latches on the storage compartments, and the cubby door. I got a newer style blue canvas top with zip off sections, and a full rear drop cloth enclosure for overnight trips. I also have a boat cover for the vessel and it will come on an easy load trailer which is in good condition.

Now. The main question is why am I selling. I honestly don't want to. For the parking space I have and my light tow vehicle this boat is perfect. But the adult and a new father side in me knows that my wife and I will soon be welcoming our second kid in to the world and looking for a new home up north in the Oregon/Washington area. The move would be much easier with our two kids and all our stuff if we didn't have to tow a boat up as well. Plus extra moving money for emergencies is always nice. With that being said, I will tow it if I can't get what I want for it. I would like to see if there is anyone who places this much value on a small, easy to tow and store boat, that's this dialed in around here.

If you want to come take a look DM me. I would like to get $25,000 for the boat and trailer.















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May 1, 2005
Tustin CA
Philip Hunkins
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Looks like a great Oregon/Washington inshore/river/lake boat. I second the keep it thought. On the brightside it will be easier to replace later up there.
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Jun 13, 2019
Huntington Beach
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I’ve personally been on this boat locally and to Catalina. It’s a great fishing platform. With the Yamaha 4-stoke it planes right away. On our last trip to Catalina the return weather was not so great 3-6foot swells and 15knot winds. Never once did I feel unsafe on this boat. It made it back with ease going 21-23mph even in the slop. Plenty of room for fishing in the back and comfortable at the helm. I’m 6’2 and am plenty comfortable when riding shotgun. Nikita busted his ass working on this boat and it shows. Nicest Arima I have seen someone will be stoked to get this. Honestly bummed he is selling!
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Mar 9, 2012
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I’d take your Arima anywhere I’d take mine. I’ve had mine out to the 43, upper hidden, back side of cat may times. These boats are solid and ready for whatever. I guarantee these boats can handle way worse than snot we would want to.
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