Saltwater Area 9 Chinook 7/25/2021


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Jun 27, 2019
Shoreline WA
1991 Achilles SGX-122, 1997 Boston Whaler Dauntless 17
Got skunked on Friday in northern area 10 so decided to burn the gas to run up into 9. Left the dock at Shilshole 4:10AM, made a 16 mile run north in the dark, line in the water just after 5AM for a 5:30AM high tide. Marked a ton of fish and some good bait balls initially, bait dissipated following the tide change. Continued fishing and waiting for bait to form after the tide, started to see modest bait balls but had no action at all until 7:10AM, I was a lot shallower than most other boats (I was in around 85 and they were in 150 or so) and was running over a bait ball with some promising looking marks when the rod went off, pulled in a decent sized pink and netted it. As soon as it was in the boat I bonked it while it was in the net and immediately put the line back down to where I had picked up the pink as I was still seeing bait and marks. Leaned over to pick up the pink to start bleeding it when the rod went off again big time, immediately line was peeling off the reel before I was able to even get to the rod. Fish really fought and made 2 big runs, I had an interesting time fighting the fish with my left arm while using my right to dump the pink out of my net and then net the chinook but was ultimately able to bring in this nice 33 inch (12.1lbs bled) fish. Fish straightened out my coho killer for me. Back at Shilshole around 8:45, checker said some nice fish had already come. A great July day in 9! IMG_3038.jpgstraight.jpg