Are your Yamaha gauges starting to look cloudy?

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Oct 21, 2020
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So before it happens, head over to your closest clearbra/PPF shop and ask 'em for a piece of material that will cover your gauges.
For those that don't know what PPF is, its the clear stuff you can have installed on the hood/bumper of your vehicles. Shit is not cheap, but a small piece that will cover your gauge's face shouldn't cost you anything, most shops that install this stuff will have a bin of scrap material that they will let you have a piece big enough for your gauges for free. If they're asses, it may be 5 bucks. Still worth it to throw on the gauge though, as that takes the beating of the sun and salt, and when it looks like crap, peel it off and throw another one on!
I put that stuff on everything! Headlights on the truck, Helix in the boat, cellphone screen, it works on almost everything that you don't want scratched or beat to hell from the sun!!!
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Aug 1, 2008
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Yup, I bought some touchscreen saver off internet and cut them to fit.
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